Foods To Try When You Are In Delhi

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Delhi is just a capital city for boring people. For foodies, it is the capital city for food. As much as the city welcomes people from all over the country, it also welcomes the people to bring in their food culture here so that they can enjoy the food and also alter it according to their taste and culture. Thus we see so many pizza joints and momo shops in Delhi. Delhi people love to eat tasty food. They will never compromise when it comes to food. Food and culture go hand in hand in this wonderful city.

The next time you are staying at short stay hotels in Delhi, these are some for the foods that you must try to make your trip complete –

Gol gappa –

To the world it might be pani puri, but for the people of Delhi, it is the beloved gol gappa. Gol gappa is pani puri and maybe it’s the city or just hallucination, but the gol gappa tastes better in Delhi. Gol gappa is just small puris that are filled with chickpeas or peas, onions, tomato, spices and a spicy water called pani. This is eaten in one go by opening the mouths wide and stuffing in the puri. It is a pleasure to watch everyone eating gol gappa on the streets of the city.

Paratha –

A paratha is a flat bread made of wheat flour. It is sometimes plain or sometimes stuffed with vegetables like boiled potato, gobi, cabbage, carrot, radish, egg and even meat. Paratha is eaten with anything from plain chutney or rich curries. It is smeared with butter and eaten with lots of love.

Jalebi –

The best sweet that you can lay your hands on in Delhi. Jalebi is very sweet, crisp and juicy. It is especially tastier if you eat it with rabdi which is a milk based sweet.

Butter chicken –

As the name itself says, butter chicken is made of two main ingredients, butter and chicken. It is a curry that is cooked using various spices, herbs and vegetables along with chicken. It goes well with various breads like roti, paratha and naan.

Chole bhature –

The Punjabi dish is the ideal breakfast of various Punjabi households in the city. It is in fact a very tasty dish. It consists of two parts, the chickpeas gravy which is eaten along with piping hot puris made of wheat dough. Needless to say, there is a lot of butter too.

Kebabs –

Delhi is well known for its non-vegetarian delicacies. Kebabs are the healthiest that meat can get. Cooked on flame, this is the original barbeque food item that you can find.

Biryani –

Your Delhi trip will be incomplete if you do not eat biryani. The biryani is a rice based dish which is cooked along with many spices, pastes, dry fruits, vegetables and meat. It is a very complicated dish and is loaded with flavors and calories. Mughalai biryani is what the Mughals left for the people of Delhi. It is one of the best dishes of the country.

These are the many foods items from Delhi that you must never miss.