From Empty Space to Valuable Place: 7 Value-Adding Loft Conversion Ideas

We all want to make the most of our money, and today’s money-savvy, younger generation are commonly turning to things like Bitcoin, Forex and day trading. But with the rising frequency of trading scams, investing in your home might be the shrewdest investment you can make.


One of the most popular ways homeowners can add value to their house is through a loft conversion. Converting an unused loft into an extra room doesn’t just add value to your house but also carries the added benefit of reducing energy bills. Arming your home with an extra layer of insulation via your loft can make your home 25% more energy efficient.


If you’re in need of some loft conversion inspo, here are 7 value-adding ideas for those looking to convert their loft:



A loft can make the ideal space for an extra bedroom or even a master bedroom. As the highest room in the house, it can be perfect for taking in an evening sunset or a morning sunrise while lying in bed.

An extra bedroom can also be one of the biggest value adders due to its practicality. After all, everyone needs a bedroom! If your home is currently a one-bedroom house, converting it to a two-bedroom home means it can be classed as a family home as well as a couple’s home.

For this reason, adding an extra bedroom can increase your home’s valuation by up to 15% from what was most likely an unused space.



One of the more modern ways to convert your loft is turning it into a home bar. A 2022 study showed that over 2.7 million British homes had installed a bar in the previous two years, but this includes outdoor bars and bars slotted in the corner of a living room.

If you want to go a bit more extravagant, consider turning an unused loft into a home bar. Dedicating a whole space to your home bar can mean you can go all out. Add bar games like pool tables and dartboards, bar snack areas and a widescreen TV to turn your loft into the perfect place to take in live sport.



For those looking to increase their home’s family fun, converting your loft into a playroom for the kids can be a great option. The natural shape of the room and lack of lighting can create a den-like feel that perfectly lends itself to an area for the kids.

What’s more, we all know kids aren’t the tidiest, and the mess they create can often become an eyesore that greets visitors when they enter your home. Moving the playroom to the loft is a great way to keep your kids’ mess out of sight. Ball pits, a floor full of toys, hell you can even let them draw all over the walls! All without worrying about how it looks to guests.    


The pandemic resulted in a boom in remote jobs and working from home. Before COVID-19, only 4.7% of employees worked from home. By 2024, 28% of workers work from home at least once a week.

This is a statistic that has changed the setup of our homes. Around three-quarters of homeworkers either have a designated room for working or plan to have one in the future. If your home doesn’t currently have an office space and you find yourself squashed up at the dinner table, a loft-come-office could be the perfect solution. 

The privacy of being tucked away in a loft can also make it the perfect place to focus on work while the rest of your household goes about their business downstairs. No matter if you work for Xero Accounting services or a marketing company, to a property developer or architect, having a space where you can concentrate and focus is unparalleled, and by dedicating your loft conversion to becoming an office space, you can customise and have it exactly how you wish.

Whether you want an efficient work space with duel screens and a large desk, a comfortable space to read and take calls or soundproofed if you want to minimise being disrupted (or causing disruption to the rest of the house!). 


Sticking with the impacts of the pandemic, and lockdowns didn’t just mean we were working from home, but also working out from home. Whether it’s due to the coronavirus, rising gym memberships or a combination of both, over half the UK population is now turning to exercise at home.  

The main drawback of this is obviously space, with homeowners left scrambling to find a corner of their homes to stick a treadmill or dumbbell rack, not a luxury that everyone can afford.

While garages were a popular temporary solution to home gyms during the pandemic, converting your loft into a home gym could be the perfect permanent solution. 



One of the more novelty solutions for your loft conversion could be turning it into a home cinema. If you’re looking for a space to entertain the kids, somewhere that doubles as a place to unwind in the evening or perhaps just somewhere to enjoy the latest releases or sports events, then a home cinema could offer the perfect solution; another idea where the lack of lighting only adds to the vibe.

Home cinema themes can range from 80s retro, kitted out with old-school popcorn machines and family-friendly accessories, to more current and chic chill-out zones with modern sofas and contemporary lighting. 


Teen Hideout

If you have kids, then chances are that as they get older, they’ll start spending more time out of your direct reach and will instead want to have their own space. If you’re planning a loft conversion, then using the space as a teen hideout spot can earn you serious parenting points. You’re giving them their own space which is still within your reach and means that they can go about their business, whether that’s gaming or spending time with their friends, in their own private space. 

Whether you choose to kit the space out with features such as a pool table, large desk for studying or chill out area with bean bags a mini fridge, be sure to get your teenager’s input so that you’re creating a space they can fully utilise. You might also wish to consider things such as an ensuite or plenty of built in storage.