How To Host A Successful Airbnb Property

With Covid 19 and the cost of living crisis stopping holidayers from jetting off overseas, we are left with the option of staying within our countries in serviced accommodation properties. For some, this is the better option with so many homes offering exactly what holiday seekers are looking for, without the requirement of travelling hundreds of miles for a change of scenery. Airbnb has also become the go-to platform for holiday seekers to find their place to stay, but with thousands of people renting out their homes for short-stay vistas it is vital to have a competitive edge that will set your place aside from the rest.

We have compiled a list of the essential things that you should be doing to be a great host for your Airbnb property. Whilst success is not guaranteed for Airbnb hosts, you can however prove that you have done the correct research in finding out what it takes to do your job the best way possible.

Take a look at the following methods which contribute towards being recognized as a great host:


Create A Credible Profile 

For guests to trust your property and feel they are renting from a reliable source you need to create a profile in which people can see you are genuine and know what you are doing. This doesn’t mean to say that you have experience in hosting Airbnb, but a little background on who you are and why you are interested in hosting Airbnb will go a long way. Even if you have experience working within a hotel and caring for customers, potential guests would be happy to know you understand the importance of caring for guests. You should also make sure that your profile is lighthearted and friendly. Try to make it not sound like a job interview application, and instead share your hobbies and interests.


Make Your Property Standout

Sometimes a property can sell itself, but to achieve this you must make sure that it has been beautifully designed. Creating a niche and a design personality for your property will ensure that you stand out from the crowd and have more of a selling point. Dressing your property with simple design additions such as luxury cushion covers will elevate your home and possibly make it worth more from a price perspective. Pick your theme and stick to it, you don’t want to scare guests off with multiple designs that are in your face. Consider what type of guest you would like to stay in the property, and also look at what your biggest competitors who are booked out are designing their homes.


Make It Comfortable 

Another important element that many Airbnb hosts tend to neglect is the importance of making the property comfortable. It is all well and good making the property look modern with kitted-out ceramic features and sleek furniture, but all in all, guests are booking the property mainly for a place to rest. The bedroom will not be comfortable if you have opted for uncomfortable sheets and bed sheets, so avoid being cheap and spend extra money on thick, hotel-quality bed sheets. You must make the space as homely as possible, as people will be opting to stay at your Airbnb instead of a hotel for this exact home feeling that they can achieve from hotels.


Kit Your Property Out 

One of the biggest selling points of Airbnb properties is the amenities and extras that they include. This can be as big as a fitted kitchen with a washer and dryer, or possibly something as small as a coffee station so they can make their coffee in the mornings. Adding amenities is just another selling point that can set you apart from competitors. Depending on your budget, if you already have a kitchen built within your property, you can add small additions such as a toaster, cooking utensils, and also plates and cutlery. These small additions can make a big difference and guests do not have to pay to find these things elsewhere which ideally they would prefer not to pay for.


List Your Property Well

Listing your property well is another essential part of being a great host and attracting lots of bookings. How you list your property ranges from the quality pictures that are taken, to how well you describe and include all of the notable amenities which guests would like to know about. Make sure that all the images are current, and high resolution, and also show all the best parts of the property including the view if there is one. Your listing description should be kept short but also informational, letting guests know exactly what they should expect to find in your property and other services you offer. 


Ask For Reviews & Feedback 

Another important element of creating a great rapport with the Airbnb community is to ask your guest for reviews and feedback. Reviews are king, and getting great reviews that highlight all the best parts of the property as well as how great of a host you have been is guaranteed to get you the essential bookings you need. Ask your guests to leave a review after each of their stays, and give them an incentive if a discount the next day to entice them.


Be Available At All Times

Many hosts do not understand the importance of being available at all times before starting their journey of being an Airbnb host. Great hosts must be readily available to answer any questions and see to any problems when the guest highlights these problems. It can be as simple as answering questions on the recommendation of the local area, or there might be an emergency in the property that needs to be fixed immediately. Whatever the problem is, you need to make sure that you can attend to their requests or face a bad review if you can not make time for your guests.


Offer Special Packages For Occasions 

Finally, it is recommended that you offer guests special packages during their stay if they are staying for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. This can be as simple as having flowers ready on the bed for their stay, or even having a bottle of champagne prepared. You might choose to charge them for the additional treats if they are making extensive requests, or if they are looking for a simple balloon display you might consider paying that out of your pocket for the benefit of a great review.