How To Stay Motivated During The Winter

What’s in store for winter isn’t usually everyone’s favourite. Grey skies, less sunlight and colder, damper days It’s more common for people to want to hibernate and therefore become less motivated and happy to crack on with the usual work load. 


However, it’s something no one can avoid, and while it can be difficult, there are ways to make the winter months less harsh and to avoid letting them get in the way of your success and motivation. 

Why Do We Feel Less Motivated? 


If the winter months have you feeling in a bit of a slump this winter, the chances are you aren’t alone. There is evidence that the weather can control our emotions and our motivation levels. It is said that the right amount of sunlight is crucial for a positive mood and energy. 


Exposure to sunlight can help with the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates your happiness levels. Additionally, sunlight triggers melatonin production, which assists with your sleeping pattern.


Not only can the winter months put you at a higher risk of seasonal depression, but they can also interrupt your sleep, which can affect your energy levels. 


How to Stay On Top Form: 

Schedule Special Events


While keeping motivated can be hard, having something in the future to look forward to can take away that bleak feeling and keep you upbeat and ready for the week ahead. 


This might be in the form of going on a city break over the weekend or a stay-at-home skinny cocktail party with friends or colleagues. The little things add up and create pick-me-ups, which can boost the office mood without taking up too much time.

Remote Work Days


Depending on where you are, the winters can be brutal to the point where you’d do anything just so you didn’t have to go outside in the blistering wind and slippy snow. 


It could be worth it to talk to your manager and suggest a work-from-home day once a week during these times. If you go in that direction, it will keep you motivated and increase your productivity. 

Holiday Bonuses 


Companies are likely to offer their employees bonuses at the end of the year for working hard and achieving their business targets. This could act as motivation during the last cold hurdle of the year to not slack at the risk of losing the bonus that you deserve. 


Having an extra bit of something to add to the holiday fund next year can make the darker months not as depressing and worth it. 


Health-conscious initiatives


As the days just seem shorter, it’s easier to get into the mindset of staying home and getting all settled, ready for tea and bed, but it can be a slippery slope. 


Making a conscious effort to stay healthy will combat a lot of the negative feelings. Whether its as simple as going on a walk all wrapped up or attending your local gym, having some sort of routine throughout the year is good for the body and mind. 


It’s important to be aware that during these months you are seriously considering the things summer often provides, such as Vitamins C and D; therefore, taking supplements or booking a winter holiday abroad will keep your insides feeling their best. 



Its important to remember that winter doesn’t only come with dark skies and cold weather; it’s also the time of year when Christmas comes. The streets are full of markets, and the atmosphere everywhere is just on a complete high. 


There are activities available that you can share with your friends and colleagues that are magical, and you can share the joy of the festive season together. 

Cosy Nights


Another positive thing that only comes during the cold nights is that you feel less guilty for wanting to spend your day curled up in bed with a nice book. It’s the only time of year you can sit inside in fluffy pyjamas all day watching films and do whatever you want. Maybe you could try some handmade crafts for something a bit different! 


This can give you the chance to recharge your batteries, get well rested and increase your productivity for the rest of the working week. 

Creating Goals 


During your day-to-day, it is beneficial to set little goals and tasks and then do what you can to achieve your goals. This can help you recognise everything you have achieved that day and help you structure your days. 


This can allow you to appreciate yourself and give yourself the recognition you deserve, which can motivate you through the months. Read a Book 


With limited things to do in the winter, you may be bored of sitting and looking at the same things or watching the same things. To keep your mind engaged, walk to your favourite coffee shop, find a comfortable corner, and read the world away with a captivating book. 


This will keep you motivated throughout the week and is the perfect way to appreciate the cosy months at the office. 



To spice things up and take advantage of the indoors, try gamifying some of the office processes to break up the monotony and bring something new for all your colleagues.


This could be in the form of establishing a quiz during break time or as a team building exercise. team-building.

Fun Internal Challenges 


Participating in lighthearted fun challenges among your colleagues can be a great way to stay attentive and engaged during the gloomy days. 


This can encourage some friendly work chat and boost some well-needed serotonin. 

Start Your Day Right 


Start your day off right with a nice, healthy breakfast. Eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast can stimulate your brain to release serotonin, giving you the energy to face the day. 


This can influence your day and make the cold weather not seem so bad on days when you are well fed. 


The Right Gear 


Not everyone enjoys the cold, and to ensure you aren’t dreading going outside, invest your money in some proper clothes that help you combat the elements. Such a quality waterproof jacket will keep you warm and protected, ready to carry on with your day as if the heavens haven’t just opened. 

Get Outside 


Appreciating the beauty that comes with the cold weather, seeing the leaves turn orange, and seeing snow-covered roofs is a beautiful part of nature. Trying to see the positive things in your daily walk will change the way you perceive these once-dreaded days. Changing your attitude can be rejuvenating. 



It may seem hard at first for you to adjust and stay driven throughout these harsh months, but there are ways to combat this and stay inspired. Finding the things that keep you going and sticking to them will only benefit you in the long run, so just remember that they are only temporary and to take advantage of the things you can do during the cosy months of the year.