11 Essential Items You Need for Backpacking in Asia

So you’re planning on backpacking around Asia? If you have planned your trip, or you are approaching the first day of travel, you need to know what to pack, and exactly how much you need to pack. The cost of travelling to Asia, and also paying for all of the excursions you will be doing will accumulate to a large investment, so making sure you do not overspend on unnecessary items is key, as well as knowing what to leave behind when packing! Also, with the heavy backpack you will be carrying, who needs all of the unneeded weight to drag you down? Not you, after you take our recommendations of course!


If you have never travelled before, take advice from the nomads who do it for a living. Overpacking with items that make you feel at home will seem smart at first, but once you get there, you will be trying to drop weight like there is no tomorrow. To avoid the hassle and only bring the essentials with you to Asia, take a look at our following suggestions:


Lightweight backpacking rucksack 


First things first, you need to have a vessel to carry all of your belongings in. A lightweight backpack will be your best friend. There are many hiking-style backpacks out on the market at present, but many of them are heavy and not built for carrying within hotter climates. A lightweight backpack will essentially have much less weight on it, but also include breathable, protective fabrics that will keep your belongings safe and prevent the material from rubbing onto your skin. Opt for a pack back that also has lots of compartments, and also a strong strap that will stay secure throughout your journey.


First aid items 


First aid is crucial no matter where you travel. A great first aid kit should include medical materials for emergencies such as bandages, anti-bacterial wipes, and plasters. Also, you should have all of the relevant medicines that will aid you in case you get poorly. Have you ever heard of Bali belly? If not, you need to be prepared to face this infamous illness if you are planning to travel to Bali! Medicines for food poisoning, infections and more will be your best friend during this trip. If there is anything you might consider overpacking with, it should be your first aid!


Travel Insurance


Travel insurance might be included on a physical sheet of paper to store with other essential documents in your backpack. Of course, you can have all of your important documents on your phone, but it would also be wise to have physical copies to plan for scenarios such as not finding your phone and also having a lack of internet connection.


Portable charger 


Portable chargers will also prove to be helpful for long days out when there is no access to charging ports. Invest in a portable charger that has 3X the charge of a normal portable charger. This will mean you will have a magnitude of battery for your phone, and will not have to think about charging your phone when you would rather be dancing the night away on a beach! 


Light, breathable clothing 


Clothing is a basic essential that all backpackers need, but the type of clothing you bring is where some thought needs to be put into it. Light, breathable clothing is key if you hope to source the hot climates of Asia. Do not fret if you feel as though you are under-packed. Asia has some amazing markets that include vintage clothing stalls for amazing pieces to get you through the trip. Designer clothing and luxury watches are not going to benefit you during this rural journey. Simple clothing, with a NATO watch strap will be much more beneficial. As long as the clothes you bring will be enough to last a week, you will be able to wash your clothes at the laundromat. 


Quick drying towel 


Towels can be a nuisance if you do not bring the right ones travelling. You will essentially need a towel for most days during your trip, for visiting the beaches and perhaps enjoying the pool if you find yourself in a nice enough hostel. Quick-drying, lightweight towels are the best option to bring during your travels. Once again, you will likely find a suitable towel in Asia for an extremely low price if you fail to bring one, but for packing ahead, opt for a quick-drying towel that will not soak all of your belongings.


Comfy shoes


Travelling involves exploring and adventure. You will not be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of Asia whilst sitting down, so you will need to get up and get moving! Having a comfy pair of shoes to support you in the many steps you will be taking will be the best investment you make. Bear in mind that the shoes you bring should not be your favourite pair of designer shoes, but instead, a great investment piece of footwear that is designed for all types of terrains and also provides breathable technology. Also, ensure you bring shoes such as flip-flops and sandals for days on the beach. 


Sun protection 


Asia’s scorching summers are known for being brutal, therefore you need to make sure that you have enough sun protection. This would include sun cream, a hat, and also some sunglasses to prevent the bright sun from blinding you! The sun in Asia is not kind to people who think carelessly about their skin, so save yourself from burning and pack your sun protection! You should also take natural skincare products with you to apply in the evenings to help clean and soothe the skin after a busy day.


Travel pillows


For the excruciating and tiresome bus and coach journeys you will take travelling to each destination, you will be grateful for bringing a travel pillow to give you some comfort during the journey. Be prepared for cramped spaces and uncomfortable seats throughout the trip.  A travel pillow might just be the difference between having 3 hours of sleep between locations, or listening to loud snoring whilst you try to be comfortable!


Waterproof ponchos 


Asia’s climate is known to experience both ends of extreme weather conditions. The rainy seasons in Asia are torrential, therefore you need to be ready for the wetter weather conditions. Bring a handle poncho that can be sized down into a smaller bag, and pack it for each location you go to. Whilst you will likely be warm throughout the journey, you should also expect to be wet if you are travelling during the rainy seasons.


Airtags locators


Security when travelling around Asia is important. You will meet a lot of new people, and experience a lot of new places. With this, there are unfortunately a lot of people who tend to steal from travellers’ belongings, leaving them with a scramble to find their belongings. It would be beneficial to bring airtags to keep items that are important and most likely to get stolen. Air tags are small location trackers that can be discreetly placed within your belongings. You may consider putting one in your actual backpack, into your wallet, and maybe into your everyday clothing to plan for all possible scenarios. This may seem extreme, but it might just be the difference between finding your belongings and them being lost for good.


Bottom line


To conclude, you need to be prepared if you are considering packing around Asia. Make sure you have all of the essentials packed for your comfort, needs, and security, and your trip will go much smoother!