Menswear Brands to Look Out For in 2023

2023 is packed with brands to try, but some stand out more than others. If you’re looking to upgrade your work wardrobe, your daily streetwear essentials or move away from the same sneaker brands you wear everyday, you’ll find some new inspiration here. 2023 plans to take the focus away from fast fashion and have more brands prioritise their duty to being sustainable and be transparent about their manufacturing methods and carbon footprint. While it’s not something that changes completely in a year, it looks like we’re moving in the right direction with some of these brands. Take a look at some of the latest brands for 2023 that are changing the game from style, sustainability and comfort perspective. 


(Fra-di-may) is a new streetwear brand offering both a minimalist and luxury vibe. The brand began in 2022 offering luxury mens streetwear including tee’s hoodies and joggers. Since its inception it’s began to offer a full array of clothing and accessories perfect for any men looking for subtle modern streetwear. The UK based designer label boasts relaxed fits and premium detailing including metal labelling and heavy weight materials.

The name comes from the term Fractured Dimensions the brand intends to turn its back on the mainstream to create its own native. Based on its IG handle the brand likes to keep things simple and focuses more on the quality of their designs rather than pushing out an abundance of garments. 

No Two Ways

Another UK based label offering must have sneakers. The technical, limited edition trainers are in high demand and have even featured on HYPEBEAST in recent years. No Two Ways is offering a unique silhouette with a thicker, technical and more durable design for anyone looking for a next level finish to their urban streetwear style.

Established in East London the brand mixes style and durability together to create an unmatched shoe. Unusually, while No Two Ways has clearly seen success in recent years, with most pairs selling out instantly, they haven’t gone full scale whipping out dozens of colours to make more money. Instead they’ve kept their brand in high demand and currently only offer 3 different colour ways.

Another great thing about No Two Ways is that founder Callum McGinley has kept the sneakers affordable with their shoes retailing between £100 – £120. So if you’re looking for a fashion forward brand that not enough people are wearing, there’s no two ways about it.



Created by one of the founders of Manchester based menswear store Oi Polloi, Steve Sanderson, comes the brand Wyse. The brand uses ethically sourced materials from India, one of the brains behind Oi Polloi knows what to look for in premium garments. The easy going style offers vibrant colours in basic everyday essentials which are being promoted on the Oi Polloi IG handle.

Interestingly the website is nowhere to be seen yet which could mean Steve Sanderson plans to only promote the products through his main brand, or maybe we’re just too ahead of the game and the brand isn’t available just yet.


King & Tuckfield

From a fondness on all things denim and knitwear, the brand King and Tuckfield was created. In 2016, Stacey Wood based out of London created this brand which offers premium mens.

With a 1950/60s vibe evident in their garments, the brand is offering their customers the slower side of fashion, with everything designed and made in the UK. The brand is named after Stacey’s grandmother Joan King, and father Graham Tuckfield, who was previously a tailor. Hand crafted, durable materials are the life and soul of the brand and being fully transparent about where materials are sourced from keeps King & Tuckfield ahead of mainstream competitors. 

If you’re looking for a brand that is conscious about the future, as well as modern and long lasting, King and Tuckfield needs to make residence in your wardrobe for any smart casual affair.


Ader Error

While this Sound Korean based brand isn’t exactly new, it’s currently making waves with its unique take on streetwear. ADER was founded in 2014 and their mantra is “But Near Missed Things” which is explained on their website to be that they find inspiration in the thing we miss in everyday life and may take for granted. 

The brand doesn’t have a linear style in play  with letterman jackets, baggy jeans and graphic tees all being big styles on the website currently. ADER ERROR is soon becoming one of the most talked about brands in the contemporary streetwear scene.


Far Afield

The name speaks for itself, Far Afield is a global travel attire created in 2016. Boasting British designs and global inspiration, Far Afield is producing distinctive, high quality clothing in colours found around the world.

The brothers who created this brand Mark and Chris Scholes have worked hard to carefully select manufacturing partners who value the craft as much as they do. The brand’s intent is to continue to identify revolutionary practices in manufacturing and designing their clothing with one rule in place, sustainability. 

Far Afield is championing small scale production of their goods in order to reduce waste and be a forerunner in sustainability. The brothers want to always put the environment ahead of profitability and while their outerwear is a similar price to some of the established brands in the market, their unique designs make it a must have brand for your next hike. 


A Cold Wall

If you’re looking for a designer label with unique designs and styles then A Cold Wall is a brand you need to check out. Originating in London, A Cold Wall focuses more on the utilitarian aspects of clothing which makes their clothing more traditional in terms of style. However their modern take of utility designs makes it fashionable and their logo makes even the basics in the collection desirable. 

The brand has something for everyone if you’re looking for something more workwear rather than streetwear, with the option of either heavy graphic or fit for purpose designs that focus more on the simplicity of fashion. 

The brand is pretty steep on price and is valued closer to the likes of high fashion brands, but with good reason. Collaborations with the brands such as Eastpak, Conversion and Dre Beats make this a respected brand if you haven’t already heard of it. You can shop for pretty much anything with A COLD WALL with conventional clothing, trainers, backpacks and other accessories all available.

Hopefully there is something for everyone in our look at brands we expect to take off in 2023. While some are slightly older and not exactly new, they’re currently on the radar and becoming quickly sought after.