Why The North Of England Is Better Than The South

If you are from the UK, you will know about the North and South divide. The Northerners think the North is better and Southerners think the South is better. However, if you are an outsider, you won’t know which is better until you have visited both.


There is a common debate with many people in England about which is better, the North or South? In our case, the North of England is much better. 


As you will know, there are many cities to visit in England, with many of them being in the North of England. Let’s look at why the North is better than the South to live and visit. 


The North consists of stunning scenery that is vibrant and green during the peak of summer. The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales are fantastic areas for a countryside walk. That is why you will see many ramblers along your way if you ever do head to these wonderful areas. 


It isn’t just the countryside that the North is known for. It is also the coast that is well respected amongst tourists. Northumberland and Cumbria have fantastic coastlines which are great for enjoying some seaside fresh air. 


The South of England also has many benefits but with better weather. However, the warmer weather makes these areas much busier and the coastline is more sandy with white chalk cliffs. Oxfordshire is another great place if you wish to see some countryside in the South. 


Transport is one of the biggest problems in the South and is something the North does much better in some cases. For example, when you visit London, most of the trains which you get on the London Underground are very busy and isn’t great for someone who suffers from claustrophobia. Nevertheless, there are many more trains in the South of England because of this. 

The Food Is Better

Another part about the North is that food is much better. There is far more British culture in the North compared to the South. Even simple things such as Fish and chip shops, are very different. In the North, you can guarantee that gravy and curry sauce will be available but in the South, you shouldn’t expect any sauce other than tomato ketchup. 


Nevertheless, there are many iconic dishes from both the North and South of England. In the North, you can try Yorkshire Curd Tart, Stottie Cake, Pasty, Parkin, Potted Shrimps, and Sausage Roll. 


In the South, dishes are very different. Cream tea, Dorset apple cake, Sussex pond pudding, Winchester pudding, Sussex sole, Cornish past, and Jellied Eels are all great dishes from the southern part of England.

The North Is Much Friendlier

Another positive of the North compared to the South is that the North is much friendlier. People are happier and are more open to interaction. So if you ever get lost when being a tourist, don’t be afraid to ask one of the locals to help find your bearings. They will be happy to help you.


If you go to the south, people are less friendly, simply because it is much busier. They want to get from A to B with little interaction with someone else, especially in London. 

The Weather

There is one positive about the South compared to the North and that is the weather. The weather can be very wet and cold in the North. If you want to enjoy sunnier weather during the peak of summer, the Southern border is much better than the Northern border. However, because the weather is much warmer down south, it makes it a busier destination to visit. If you want to avoid large crowds, head towards the North. 

The Size Is Relatively The Same

When you look at the map of England, you will think the North is much bigger than the South. However, that is not entirely true. People forget about the south-west of England and how much space it takes up. So, despite Yorkshire being the biggest county in the country, there is a lot to both the North and the South. 

Sports Culture Thrives In Both The North and The South

There is one thing that the North and South share and that is sports culture. Football is something that the whole of England lives off. It is part of their everyday life and dictates their plans at the weekend. Whether you’re from the North or South of England, you will likely enjoy watching football or partaking in it. 


It isn’t just football that England loves. It is also Rugby and is where there is a bit more of a divide. There are two types of Rugby which you can watch or play. There is Rugby Union and Rugby League. In the North, the Rugby League is played a lot more whereas in the South, it is more Rugby Union. Nevertheless, there are still many teams which play Rugby Union in the North, with most of the international players being from the North as well. 

Shopping Is Much Better In The North

In the North of England, you can enjoy your shopping experience in the North a lot more. In the South, London is the central hub for shopping. It makes the capital more busier at the weekends and isn’t enjoyable. However, in the North of England, there are many places where you can shop. You have shopping centres in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. 


We all know that shopping can be chaotic, especially during busy holiday periods such as the Summer holidays or the festive period. If you are a tourist looking to visit one of the major cities in the UK, you want to avoid them during these holidays. You won’t get a chance to enjoy the city. All you will be doing is dodging and weaving with other tourists and locals. 


It is important that when you visit one of the major cities as a tourist, you pick weekdays to enjoy your breakaway. Take some time off from work and enjoy the city more during the less busy times. Whether you want to buy natural skin care products, makeup or designer clothing, you don’t want to be shopping on busier days. 

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many positives and negatives to visiting the North and South. However, there are pros and cons that they don’t share. If you want to enjoy your time in London, Manchester, Newcastle or other cities, avoid the main tourist spots during peak periods. Nobody likes busy areas, especially when you are visiting somewhere new. 


If you want a more affordable weekend away in a UK city, you should visit the North. Not only will your accommodation be cheaper but eating out and having a few drinks is also much cheaper.