Home Office Essentials: Perfect Gifts for Remote Workers and Freelancers


Struggling to figure out what to get your friend who works from home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Cosy Pair Of Slippers

Just because you are technically at work doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfortable attire in the process! Also, there is no reason why you would need to wear uncomfortable formal shoes while sitting in your own home; slippers are just a no-brainer. Slippers come in a wide range of styles, shapes, colours and sizes, so you are bound to find a pair that suits whoever you are buying a gift.

Crumb Cleaner

We’ve all been there. While eating a plateful of delicious food, you realise you have accidentally dropped crumbs onto your desk or on your keyboard. This is where a handy crumb cleaner comes in handy, as you can effortlessly sweep those crumbs into your hand to put in the bin. This is such a simple gift, but it is almost bound to be used by its recipient. Mission successful. 

Quality Set Of Stationary

Another gift that has a good chance of actually being used by your gift recipient is a quality set of stationery that they can use during the workday. Stationery items are of higher quality, can provide extra functionality if the gift recipient has a creative job role and generally last longer than cheaper pieces of stationery. 

High-Quality Webcam

If your gift recipient regularly takes part in video conferencing calls, getting them a high-quality webcam may be a great present for your gift recipient. 

Funny or Personalised Mug

Mugs are great gifts for people who work in the office or at home. Mugs are an amazing canvas for your creativity, as you can almost literally find a mug with any different design you can think of and if you can, you can get a custom-made mug made with your chosen design. 

Laptop Lap Desk

By this, we mean a small portable desk that fits on your lap when you are sitting down. Most lap desks also have a cushion for extra comfort. This allows your gift recipient to work wherever they want within their house because they are no longer restricted to their desk. There is research that suggests that working in different places periodically can increase your productivity. 


Everyone likes snacks, which is what makes snack gift baskets such a great gift. There are plenty of different options out there, meaning it should be easy for you to find one that best suits your gift recipient’s preferences. Additionally, these gift baskets also cater to people with different dietary requirements, so if your gift recipient is gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or has any other dietary requirements, chances are you will be covered.  

Desk Organiser

Desk organisers also make great gifts, especially for naturally messy people, as you can help them become more organised. Desk organisers provide storage space for papers, pens and other small stationery items.

Personalised Desk Calendar

Buying your gift recipient a personalised desk calendar could make for a truly thoughtful gift, as you can get any photo you want printed on the calendar. Which provides you with endless opportunities to create an impactful present designed especially for your gift recipient. It can also help them to get organised and overcome burnout at work which is essential! 

Desk Plant

This is a great example of gift ideas for women, although many men like growing indoor plants too! If you know your gift recipient is green-fingered a desk plant may be a great gift for them. There are plenty of different plants to choose from that would be ideal for any desk, but we would say that people are probably going to be more interested in Venus fly trap plants than your typical garden variety desk plant. When you are considering buying plants, make sure you know if your gift recipient has any pets, because some plants can be poisonous to both cats and dogs. 

Foot Rest

Footrests can provide extra comfort for people’s feet and help people improve their posture while sitting at their desks. This could help alleviate back pain when your gift recipient is sitting at their desk. Footrests can also improve people’s posture, which could help alleviate back pain when your gift recipient is sitting at their desk.


Desk Mat

Desk mats can elevate the visual look of your desk and make it easier for your gift recipient to tip their crumbs from whatever they are eating into the bin using a desk mat. Deskmats come in a range of different colours and are made out of different materials, which can allow you to be creative. 

New Mouse

An extra mouse can be a great present, as this provides you with a backup if your regular mouse were to break or get lost. If you get a good quality mouse for your gift recipient, they may even use your gift as their full-time mouse. Also, your mouse doesn’t have to be boring; there are loads of different options to choose from, including fuzzy mice and mice that are printed in a range of different colours with various graphical images printed on them. 


Getting your gift recipient some decent speakers can allow them to listen to music while they work if that is their thing. They can also use their speakers when they are video conferencing with the rest of your team. 

Laptop Dock

Buying a laptop dock for your gift recipient can give them a great place to put their laptop out of the way but still within easy reach. Laptop docks are made with a range of different materials, including wood, plastic and metal, and also come in various colours. 

Desk Vacuum

Desk-sized vacuums? What a time to be alive! This nifty gadget can make it so much easier for you to rid your desk of pesky crumbs. This can also be a cute decoration when it is not in use.

Computer Monitor Memo Board

You can buy small memo whiteboards that attach to the side of your computer screen, allowing you to write whatever you want on them. But we think these would be great for putting important information that you want to cover in meetings, as you literally cannot forget to mention the things you have written because they are right in front of your face! 

Wireless Charger

An increasing number of phones these days have wireless charging capabilities. You can simply place your phone on top of one, switch on the power and your phone charges as if by magic. Wireless charging makes it much more convenient to charge your phone because you don’t have to fiddle around taking your phone cord out and putting it back in, often just forgetting to do so! You can simply place your phone on the charger and off you go. 

Personalised Drinks Bottle

Buying a personalised drink bottle with your gift recipient’s name can be a great present. Some companies that make personalised drink bottles also allow you to choose the colour and graphic that you want to be added to the bottle. This means you can craft a present that suits your gift recipient down to a tee! 

A Restaurant Voucher

Sometimes at the end of the day, the last thing someone wants to do is to cook. So, you could get them a gift card for a food delivery service or look for restaurant vouchers and book a nice table to treat them! This is really thoughtful and can make a big difference to someone’s day.

Coffee Maker/Coffee Pods

If your gift recipient loves coffee and doesn’t already have a coffee maker, this could be a great opportunity to fix that! But if you know that your gift recipient already has a coffee maker, try to discreetly get your gift recipient to tell you which one they have, so that you can ensure you buy coffee pods that are compatible with their existing coffee maker. 


There’s an endless list of gifts you can give someone who works from home, but the best gifts are personal; showing how much you know about the person you are gifting.