5 Books To Read For Travel Inspiration

Traveling opens the door to new experiences and offers you the chance to enrich your mind while learning about new cultures and places. If you dream of traveling, you can find many helpful resources that can offer you tips and provide you with further incentive to set out on your journey.

These five notable books can give you the inspiration you need to turn your travel dreams into a reality:

1. Europe Through the Back Door by Rick Steves 

Rick Steves has authored many popular European travel books and shares much of his extension knowledge in this publication. You can find information about famous tourist destinations as well as some of Europe’s top hidden gems. You’ll have the opportunity to read about restaurants, cafes and other types of eateries that are suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

Transportation guides provide you with full details on air and rail travel as well as car rentals. The latest scams that you should be aware of while traveling are also detailed in this book.

2. How to Live a Life of Travel by Derek Earl Baron 

If you’ve ever dreamed of long-term travel, this book is for you. You will learn tips on where to eat, sleep and have fun while visiting some of the world’s prime travel destinations. There is even a section on how to legally and ethically make money during your extended journey. This publication also offers advice on getting international health insurance, shopping for airfare deals and traveling alone.

3. The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking by Matthew Kepnes

This book offers advice on how to get free airline tickets, hotel stays and other perks by utilizing travel hacking strategies. Travel hacking involves the usage of bonuses from credit card companies, customer loyalty programs and free airline miles to get travel perks at no extra charge. Many of these bonuses and rewards points can surprisingly be racked up quickly with a little knowhow. The travel hacking tips featured in this book can enable you to travel without going into debt or ruining your credit.

4. The Green Travel Guide by Greg Neale 

You can learn about the virtues of environmentally-friendly travel by reading this book. Contents include information on activities such as scuba diving and skiing. You can also find out where to take the best heritage and animal watching tours. This book additionally features instructions on how to lessen the strain on the environment and minimize damage to fragile ecosystems.

5. How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money, and Hassle) by Christopher Elliot 

If you’re planning to travel on a tight budget, this National Geographic publication offers numerous money-saving tips that can help you prolong your journey. You can also read details about lodging options that offer a more cost-effective alternative to hotels. There is even a section on how to affordably stay connected through a phone or laptop computer. Information on cruise discounts is covered as well.

Penny Lee is a self-proclaimed bookworm and book collector. When not engrossed in the latest fiction titles, she guest blogs for noqstore.asia.