5 Best Mini Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding is the most beautiful occasion happens in one’s life and cherishing the moments for a life time is also a lovely experience. Today, the days have become so critical that each and every minute spent is valued and the tight work schedules hardly leave any amount of time for an individual. Therefore, even weddings have become instant with every arrangement taken care of by people employed, amidst all this jeopardy having some quiet and quality time for a new couple is definitely of high importance. For these new couples the below are 5 best mini honeymoon destinations suggested:

5 Best Mini Honeymoon Destinations

Casino Royale

Place visit: Macau

The World’s most extravagant Casino destination popular for gambling, run on money games, entertainment, nightlife and luxury. If you and your partner’s interest is in any of these then Macau is the best place to dock. Macau provides 24-hour adrenaline rush with entertainment venues and restaurant’s open until late.  With more than 30 casinos, including world-famous ones at the Venetian, Grand Lisboa Wynn, Macau promises to be luxurious holiday of a lifetime

Spa Retreat

Place Visit: Phuket

Phuket Thailand’s largest island is always been a darling place for beach lovers and tourists who freak on massage parlors to relax. The hospitality and culture of Thai need to be experienced to find it to be the truest service offered ever. Ancient traditions of natural healing like Nuat Phaen Boran(Thai massage without the use of oils) or modern treatments like reflexology, hydrotherapy etc are a must to have’s in exotic spas or massage parlors on the streets of Phuket. Try a pick of cozy couple’s massage!

Beach Getaway

Place Visit: Sri Lanka

The place with greenery everywhere from beach to barns, a lovely place to honeymoon. Book a beach shack or check into a resort at Negombo, Arugam Bay or Unawatuna that boast you off with picturesque beaches crystal clear waters. Whale watching and sunbathing with your partner would bring you lot of entertainment and fun. The fringed and soothing palm trees surrounded by miles of white and golden beaches are a definite kick start for a honeymoon couple.

Shopper’s Sanctuary

Place Visit: Dubai

Shopaholic couples awesome destination is Dubai. The glitzy malls loaded with wide variety of goods like garments, handicrafts, electronics, jewellery, spices and herbs etc with duty free prices attract tourists round the world. The great Dubai shopping festival and Gold Souk are events which cannot be ignored if you happen to be around Dubai. The lavish restaurants, food, glitterati nights are sure to experience. Though the place stands for extravagant luxury stay, they are quite a few places offers economy honeymoon stays. Go for discounts on flights and accommodation using Yatra coupons!

Adventure Zone

Place to Visit: Vietnam

Though popularly known for its war history, Vietnam has a natural setting for outdoor adventure that the world is discovering: stunning hills, mountains, valleys, rice paddy fields and deserted beaches! You can trek in the mountains of Sapa, go cycling on the length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail or indulge in rock climbing and kayaking unique wildlife, which you can experience at the Cuc Phuong National Park.

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