Things One Should Not Miss To See While In London City

The Beautiful City of London:

            London is one of the greatest and richest city in the world – full of royal and rich heritage and culture. It would definitely be a dream come true for anyone if he gets a chance to see or visit the beautiful and wonderful city of London in this lifetime. While in London there are so many places and spots of touristic importance and hence for the tourists and visitors, the city of London would definitely be a wonderful place to spend holidays or vacations with friends and family. Sky is the limit when it comes to sight-seeing in London as this city has so much to offer to the visitors and newcomers. One can really plan well in advance on a trip to the city of London to spend some quality time among friends and family members.

What Attracts London?

            The city of London, as is well-known for its beautiful and rich heritage and culture, has so many attractions and places of interest to the tourists and visitors. The main attractions to visit in London are like those beautiful parks and gardens, places – both ancient and modern, museums, monuments of historical importance, churches, galleries, theatres, abbeys, cathedrals, walkways, shopping areas, markets, city hall and commercial and business centres for trade and commerce.

Places One Must Never Give a Miss:

            The London Aquarium, showcasing many number of marine animals and species – that interests both adults as well as children, the Hyde Park – most loved park by the people, the monument called the London Eye – to commemorate the millennium, the London Dungeon – a theatre, the Kensington Palace – where one can view the demonstrations, the Piccadilly Circus located in the Trafalgar Square – a famous placein London city, the St. James Park – with a lake and lots of different birds, especially Pelicans, the Regent’s Park, St. Paul’s Cathedral – a huge cathedral and a tallest building in London, the Kew Gardens – a the huge collection of live plants in the entire world, the Madame Tussauds Wax museum where the figures of celebrities are made up of wax and displayed, the Tower Bridge, the Covent’s Garden Market – very popular among the citizens of London as well as newcomers, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Buckingham Palace, the Imperial War Museum, National Maritime Museum, Westminster Abbey, the Shard – the skyscraper, Churchill war rooms, the Tower of London, Borough market, Science Museum, the Hampton Court Palace, the British Museum, the Harrods Departmental Stores, the National Gallery, the Westminster Palace, the Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern gallery dedicated to modern art.

Here we go:

            Hence to know about the different tourist attractions and sight-seeing spots in and around the city of London, please do visit 123 London where every information has been given in a much elaborated way. While already in London or if planning to visit with family and friends, one must never miss these places of importance.