10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

Packing for any trip or vacation is very tedious or a complicated task for some people. Many things are to be remembered while packing. Although, most of the times, due to travel-anxiety, some people tend to go a little overboard with their packing and exhaust themselves carrying heavy baggage even before they start their trip. So, let us take a look at how we can make our suitcases a little lighter and give our back and shoulders some rest. And let’s face it, no one wants to suffer a terrible backache right before their adventure.


Less baggage means less distraction and more convenience. You can avoid so many things to make your pack lighter. Here are some tips to relieve your bag of a few extra pounds.

  1. Skip Carrying Lots Of Water

Although water is an essential thing but nowadays it is easily available everywhere in packed bottles. Plan the quantity as per need. Otherwise, it makes your bag heavy.

  1. No Excess Food

10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

A lot of Motels and restaurants have all kinds of food items readily available. In most places, a pantry car is also there to provide you with delicious as well as hygienic food. So pack your food accordingly.

  1. Ditch That Sleeping Bag

Unless and until you are going camping in a forest you can leave that bulky sleeping bag behind. If you are not traveling in hilly areas, it’s a total waste! Any inn that provides accommodation has proper bedding available for you to relax.

  1. Skip The Bulky Wallet

10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

There is no need to take huge cash with you all the time as e-payment facility is available nowadays. Remove all unused receipts, bills. Take important credit or debit cards and a small amount of regular cash in your wallet.

  1. Purchase Toiletries At Your Vacation Destination

Travel with minimum required toiletries. Purchase other toiletry items at your destination if required. It will definitely lighten your pack. These kind of basic amenities are readily available anywhere.

  1. Only Carry The Required Shoes

10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

Selection of shoes should be made according to the weather condition of your destination. If your destination has a cold weather then heavy boots are required. If there is hot weather then light and comfortable walking shoes will go. You can choose something that goes with almost every outfit instead of carrying the whole footwear store.

  1. Pack According To Your travel plan

Packing should be done according to your itinerary. Pack your clothes according to your visiting sites. If you visit the beach for a single day, only one swimsuit will suffice. If you are planning to go for a special dinner party you just need a single party dress, not the whole bunch. No need to pack extra clothes. After all your fellow travellers, just like you, are there to relax and have some fun, not to check out people’s outfits. Focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest and making it as memorable as possible.

  1. Do The Laundry At Your Destination

10 Items You Should Leave Behind To Make Your Pack Lighter

If it is possible to do the laundry at your destination and wear same clothes multiple times. Carrying a huge chunk of clothes is never a good idea. Many hotels have complimentary laundry facilities. No need to take an outfit for each and every day.

  1. Do Not Over Pack Stuff

This one is easier said than done, but it’s important to leave any surplus stuff at home. For example, if your hotel has a gym, don’t need to pack workout clothes if you don’t even exercise at home. Arrange packing bags and suitcases, depending upon the number of days of your journey. If the vacation is for a week a small suitcase is quite enough.

  1. If you are planning to go alone on the vacation, fewer things are required. Whereas, if a family with children are accompanying you pack your bags and luggage prior to your scheduled departure.

Keep separate bags for toiletries, wet clothes and footwear to keep your vacations free from hassles and make you comfortable. If your journey to the vacation place is going to be long from week to month planned and pack things accordingly.


Once the schedule of your trip is decided start packing a week earlier. As you start packing earlier you can remember essential things and in turn, you will be stress-free mentally.

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