Get Ready To Set Sail In Barcelona

Are you visiting Barcelona in the near future? Then you do not want to miss the opportunity to sail the Mediterranean. Barcelona sailing trips typically take place three times per day, in the early morning, the afternoon, and at sunset. Morning trips are an ideal time to swim in the Mediterranean as the water is usually calmer and more tranquil.

Sailing at Sunset

On the other hand, an afternoon sailing trip enables you to enjoy the balmy breezes that frequent the waters, especially during the summertime. If you are romantically inclined, then setting sail at sunset with companies such as Sailing Barcelona, is an activity you will want to schedule on your trip itinerary.

Arrive Ahead of Schedule

If you have never sailed in the Mediterranean or have not sailed at all previously, you probably have some enquires about the excursion. In Barcelona itself, sailing trips often depart from the Port Olympic harbour. You should arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled sailing time to avoid difficulties with embarkation.

What to Bring

Also, you should only bring what you absolutely need. After all, boats are limited in space. Necessities for a sailing trip include:

  • Sun protection
  • A camera
  • An additional layer of clothing. Even if it is warm, the temperature can drop ten degrees out on the water or in the shade.

Indeed, boat tours in Barcelona can be an adventure, as the skipper typically selects the route for a trip based on the water conditions and the direction of the wind. Therefore, participants may head toward Badalona, sail along the coast, or veer toward a commercial port. In some instances, sailing vessels lead guests to a panoramic city view.

The number of people on a tour usually ranges from two to ten, as most tours are usually private. If you would like to plan a boat tour for a larger group, you will need to pre-arrange the activity. That way, the tour provider can make the necessary arrangements.

When taking a sailing tour, you can bring your own food or drinks. However, a tour operator generally offers two drinks of cola, beer, or water for each person on board. If you wish to bring tapas or a beverage of your choice, let the operator know ahead of time so he or she can prepare.

Snorkelling and Swimming

If you smoke, you are not permitted to do so inside the boat. Tour operators also do not permit the disposal of cigarette ends into the sea. So, instead of smoking, why not opt for snorkelling or swimming? Again, the best time to swim is during the morning, particularly in mid-June. However, if you are more intrepid, you might take a swim in the latter part of May.

With regards to footwear, be sure to wear sandals, sports shoes, or sailing shoes. High heels should never be worn as they damage wood decks and are considered unsafe.

Whilst you may want to bring some music to play on board, most people like to experience sailing by listening to the “melody” of the waves and the breeze. Usually, there are no restrictions as to the age of guests allowed on board, and the safety gear that is featured on the ship can be catered to everyone in the sailing party.