11 Best Food to Relieve Stress for a Healthy Life

healthy food for stress free

Every person experiences stress issues at some points in life, but you need to know how to deal with mental health problems. Overthinking is the root of many mental disorders people think and overthink or relive a situation for hundreds of times until it develops stress and depression.

You can call stress an enemy that can take away your life what you always dream of. Being stressed, your body may demand more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. But how will you deal with such body requirements?

Mental disorder treatment often involves expensive supplements that may leave side effects on your physical health. I attended a conference back in 2019 where a neurosurgeon in Rawalpindi shared how stress-relieving food can help us fight for our quality of life and keep ourselves physically fit. 

According to a report, around 33% of people suffer from extreme stress that also leaves negative effects on their physical health.

If you do not want to skyrocket your mental illness with an unhealthy diet plan, you should consider the following foods to relieve your stress.

Diet to Fight Against Mental Illness

Indulge in Dark Chocolate 

According to research, dark chocolate has two types of affect, including emotional and chemical. Just a bit of dark chocolate can help to regulate your stress level. Dark chocolate indulgence lowers your blood pressure and relaxes your blood vessels due to its antioxidants fact.

Never choose a low-quality product but buy dark chocolate with high quality. Pure chocolate contains pure ingredients without any chemicals.

Follow a Whole Grain Food

People often go with pasta and white foods that can trigger stress levels. Make sure that you choose a healthy diet plan such as whole-grain food because it produces hormones named serotonin that improve the mood and help you to have better focus.

Maintain Your Heart Health with Fish 

If you haven’t added seafood to your plate, then this is the time. Fish with omega-3s interact with mood-related brain molecules. Seafood has been proven as the best way to manage your heart health and boost your mood. There are some fish alternatives such as flaxseed, walnuts, fortified food, seaweed, etc. Your doctor may suggest you take omega-3 supplements as they lower the risks of heart failure and stroke.

Never Forget High Healthy Fats Nuts

When you suffer from mental health issues, your body requires more nutrients and other components. Research says that nuts are high in nutrients and lower stress levels. You should discuss with your doctor what amount you should take of nuts to reduce mental problems. Pistachios, walnuts, and almonds have been proven to lower blood pressure, and they are also rich in magnesium. Pistachio is a diet-friendly snack that also has heart health benefits.

Manage Your Stress with Probiotics 

A healthy immune system can help to fight against bacteria and diseases, including stress. According to the university health news, gut health is directly correlated to mood and helps to improve anxiety issues. People often prefer probiotic supplements, which are expensive and may affect other parts of the body. You should always look for the natural ways that can help you deal with depression, mood, and anxiety, etc.

You should add yogurt and fermented foods to your table and ask your loved ones too to enjoy such amazing foods with incredible stress-relieving facts.

Fight against Stress with Avocados 

Avocados are rich in omega 3 Acids that you can add to your salad or mashed into slices. The national center for complementary and integrative health says that omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to fight against stress and anxiety. We can’t deny that avocados provide these acids and help to maintain physical fitness.

High blood pressure and obesity often work as a stem to trigger other health issues. Both can be maintained with avocados as it reduces the risks of metabolic syndrome.

Oranges Is a Top Source of Vitamin C

To ease your stress level, you should increase the intake of oranges. Stress does not allow the victim to enjoy the time with the loved ones or focus on their daily activities. Vitamin C has been proved as the best source of vitamin C that controls your moods and helps you concentrate more. It promotes your immune system and reduces stress levels.

Add Eggs in Your Breakfast – Rich in Vitamin D

According to recent research, whole eggs are highly rich in Vitamin D. Better immune system leads to better fighting against healthy diseases. Eggs often work as an anti-inflammatory and regulate your mood.

Choline is a nutrient found only in a few foods in large amounts, such as whole eggs. The important fact about the eggs is that it improves brain health.

Defense against Stress with Garlic

To increase the amount of glutathione, you should use garlic in your normal life routine. Garlic is highly-rich in a sulfur compound that boosts the amount of glutathione. Research has proved fact about garlic that it eases tension and stress by reducing glucose levels in the body.

Boost Calmness with Herbal Tea

Holding a cup with a warm drink boosts the mood and interpersonal warmth, according to research. There are some herbs such as lavender and chamomile leave relaxing effects on the body. If you want to chill out and boost your mood, you should try green tea.


Oysters are the best source of zinc as it lowers the stress response. It also can strengthen your immune system and provide anti-inflammatory properties to your body. If you have anxiety, you should go with oysters.


Researchers from Al Qasim hospital say that yoga, physical activity, and a healthy diet can help you live a healthy life. We also suffer from mental illness once or more in our lifetime, but learning about the solutions can help us deal with such mental problems. Stress will not only take your life away from you but can also affect your overall health. Studies reveal that too much stress has indirect effects on heart health and may lead to stroke.