2 Evergreen Sweet Delicacies

Sweets are the integral parts of every celebration and get-together. A large number of sweets are available, from which you can choose your preferred ones and make your dessert menu. Two popular sugar syrup-bathed sweets are Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun.

Rasgulla is a very popular and widely honoured Bengali sweet delicacy. It is really delicious and simple-to-prepare involving some basic ingredients only. If you follow the recipe properly, then you can make great rasgullas at home. You can learn the recipe from the internet resources.

If you are a newcomer in cooking, then you can prepare rasgulla for Rakhshabandhan or Diwali, as it is one of the simple sweet recipes for any celebration.

Gulab Jamunis a small, waffle-shaped, deep-fried, and sugar syrup- dipped balls. It is popular in countries involved with the Indian subcontinent, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. The term “Gulab Jamun” has come from Persian in which Gulab implies rosewater (rosewater-scented syrup) and another term jamun has originated from Hindi language. It is a South Asian fruit with identical shape and size.

According to history, Gulab jamun sources from Luqmat Al-Qadi – an Arabic dessert and it has become popular in times of Mughal era. The preparation was made with Rosewater syrup and even honey and saffron syrup are also used at a frequent basis. Gulab jamun is one of the delicious and melt-in-the-mouth Indian desserts, often made during different festival seasons and get-togethers including Diwali, Marriages, Eid al-Adha, and Eid-ul-Fitr.

Gulab Jamun is prepared with Khoya and itsdough often includes double cream along with a bit of little flour in sugar syrup that is flavoured with rosewater, cardamom, or saffron. It is generally prepared with “essence of rose”, earlier rose petals were utilized. Gulab Jamun looks brownish red colour due to the sugar content in the khoya or milk powder.

Another variety is called Black jamun or Kala jamun in which you need to add sugar in the dough and after the ‘frying procedure’, the caramelization of sugar will give its dark and almost black colour. You can quickly prepare the dough and generally, khoya is only used to prepare it. In some variations, a little bit flour is added for providing consistency to the dough.

Too much utilization of flour can crack or break the balls in times of frying. For deep-frying, clarified butter or oil is used. The sugar syrup is generally flavoured with rose. According to another variation, dilute maple syrup is used for soaking the gulab jamun. To make your mind happy, just take one hot delicious Gulab Jamun and a generous amount of thick syrup. It is such a sweet bliss to taste this sweet dish.

Gulab Jamun should be eaten in a hot, juicy, and very soft condition. Gulab Jamun will dissolve and meltin your mouth by releasing its superb cardamom tinged flavour and comforting rose fragrance. The irresistible combination Gulab Jamun and cold Ice cream can hardly be ignored by anyone. To know the gulab jamun recipe in Hindi, you can follow various recipe websites.