How to Prevent Pest from Infesting Your Restaurant

Rodents and pests usually find their way to homes and buildings as they seek shelter from the cold. However, if that building happens to be your restaurant, you might want to take the infestation seriously. Pests can contaminate your food supplies and compromise the overall cleanliness of your restaurant. According to the Food Code 2017, you must eliminate the risk of foodborne illnesses to protect your consumers from devastating health consequences. But don’t wait for pest infestation to happen to your restaurant. Follow the tips below.

Implement FIFO

First in, first out– this strategy allows you to lessen the risk of pest infestations. Take the oldest items from your stock and use them first. You must keep track of your supply so that you will not leave any old food items behind. These are more susceptible to infestation. Allot some time every week to check if there are already expired or rotten food from your stock.

Follow Proper Food Storage

Storing your food at the right temperature helps stop bacteria buildup. If you store food above 8°C, then it’s more likely for food poisoning bacteria to grow. It’s a legal requirement to keep the temperature in your fridges at 5°C or below.

Make sure that you separate food in different packages and containers. For those that you don’t have to store in fridges, keep them at least 16 inches away from the wall. Inspect your storage at least once a day for signs of infestation. If you catch signs of pest early on, contact a pest control service for guaranteed scorpion control and pest control.

Establish a Routine Cleaning Policy

Even the smallest crumbs on your floor can start a pest infestation. The best way you can prevent it is by keeping your restaurant clean at all times. Follow proper sanitation and cleaning procedures. Sweep and mop the floor daily, but don’t keep it wet for too long. Disinfect kitchen items and counters as often as you can. Clean the drains at least once a day to remove rotting organic waste from the pipes.

Keep Trash Bins Empty

Your trash bins attract pests more strongly. You would want to keep it covered at all times. You also want empty them several times a day. The dumpsters should at least be 15 feet away from your restaurant. After disposing the trash, remove liners and thoroughly clean them to eliminate any organic residue.

Caulk Holes and Cracks

Insects and pests can hide behind holes, cracks, and crevices. So if you see these on your restaurant walls, make sure that you caulk them right away. If you don’t know how to properly do it, you might want to ask for professional help.

Final Thoughts

With these handy tips, you can keep your restaurant pest-free and proudly serve clean food to your customers. However, if you are already in the middle of an infestation, don’t delay and get in touch with the best local pest control service right away.