9 Activities To Do In The Maldives That You Will Love


The trip to Maldives means much more than sun and sea. In these islands you can enjoy dream places and practice activities of all kinds, many of which will surprise you.


We tell you 9 activities to do in the Maldives that you will surely love!

1. Dive and Discover the Impressive Seabed of Maldives

Most of the hotels in Maldives collaborate with specialized diving centers that offer classes to tourists of different levels: beginner, intermediate and / or expert. So, if you have always wanted to learn to dive, your trip to the Maldives is the perfect excuse to do so because this archipelago also has one of the most impressive sea beds in the world. Thanks to the clarity of its waters, it is very easy to observe the different species of aquatic animals, not only fish, but also manta rays, turtles and even whales.

And if you do not dare to dive, there will always be snorkeling, much simpler and more practical for the less adventurous.

2. Enjoy All Kinds of Water Sports

In the Maldives there are not only diving classes, you have teachers at your disposal to practice any type of water sport: surfing, if the waves accompany, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle surfing, so fashionable nowadays, rowing, sailing and a long etcetera of sports.

Even some hotels offer the possibility of practicing Yoga y Meditación in the sand. Can you think of something better to finish relaxing during your trip to the Maldives?

 3. Fish in A Dhoni

The Maldives has traditionally been a fishing region, so it is not surprising that one of its star activities is to go fishing in dhoni, its most typical boat.

The locals will teach you the secrets of this trade and will tell you all the curiosities of the islands in an adventure that we assure you will not leave you indifferent.

4. Enjoy a Spa Session and Massages

All hotels in the Maldives have a spa and massage service for tourists to relax. After spending the whole day hiking or practicing water sports, we guarantee that what you most want will be to enjoy one of these spa sessions.

5. Tour the Islands On Board a Seaplane

Although it may seem like an extravagant activity, the fact is that traveling the islands on board a seaplane is one of the most popular excursions on trips to the Maldives. In fact, the hydroplane is one of the most used means of transport on the islands.

When you are flying over the archipelago, you can see its full extent and you will have the opportunity to take really spectacular photographs. If the nerves allow it, of course!

6. Dining Under the Sea

One of the most popular hotels in the Maldives, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has a restaurant under the sea located exactly 4.9 meters deep. Both the roof and its walls are reinforced glass, so you can watch while you eat the marine fauna in full activity. The truth is that this is one of the most incredible experiences you can experience in the Maldives.

7. Ice Skating

Yes, we have not been wrong. In Maldives you can also skate on ice despite being a tropical island. You can go from taking a bath in the waters of the Indian Ocean to ice skating in just a couple of minutes.

The culprit that this is possible is the resort Jumeirah Vittaveli, who has designed a track for ice skating on a beach in the Maldives. Of course, it is obviously not an ice rink to use, it has been manufactured with a complex molecular technology.

8. Visit a Desert Island

We have all dreamed of being on a desert island. Or at least the idea has crossed our mind when answering the hackneyed question about what you would take to an uninhabited island. Well, in the Maldives you will have the opportunity to visit a completely deserted and virgin island.

This is another of the most popular excursions in Maldives because there are not many places where you can do this kind of activities. And is that only 203 islands of the almost 1,200 that make up the territory of the Republic of Maldives are inhabited. If you have always dreamed of knowing how a shipwreck feels, this tour will enchant you.

9. Losing Yourself in Your Capital

Viajes Maldives are not complete without a visit to Male, the archipelago’s capital. There are numerous places to visit in this city, but what we recommend is to lose you in its streets to learn about the customs and traditions of this country. They will surprise you much more than you imagine.