TOP 9 Prestigious Police Cars In The World

The most of people think that UAE is a country where you can see just supercars, bit not people. You should know that the most popular cars in UAE are not Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. The most of cars for rent are rather plain. Want to prove it? Hire a car in Dubai and you’ll see the list of the most popular cars for rent. Actually, the most popular car in UAE is Mitsubishi Lancer. The second leading place is taken by Toyota Hilux. The third favorable place is taken by Mitsubishi Pajero. As you can see, locals like Japanese automobiles.

The list of TOP popular cars looks like this:

Mitsubishi Lancer

Toyota Hilux

Mitsubishi Pajero

Nissan Patrol

Toyota Prado

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser P/U

Nissan Sunny

Toyota Camry

2013 Nissan Patrol

How many supercars are there is Emirates? There are no official statistics for free access. There is much interesting information about the lost and forgotten cars all over the city. You can find 2000-3000 of lost cars every year. People lose them to gather dust at the street or somewhere in the dessert. There are many supercars among them. The lost Ferrari and Bentley look sad.

Why do people lose their cars in UAE? The first and foremost, people throw away their cars because of their financial troubles. As you know, the latest hyper car model is the mark of success. So, people, rich and nor very rich, try to buy high class cars. When their project is failed they become the bank debtors. So, this is the case to lose their cars and apartments and go to another country as soon as possible. By the way, the most popular place to find the lost cars is Dubai airport.

Police Cars

You can find a lot of information about the newest police cars. Police from the rich countries buys the super modern vehicles for everyday use. So, supercars are popular to be the police patrol cars. UAE is definitely country with the good budget. What supercars are often used for Dubai police?

Abu Dhabi Police - Lykan Hypersport (Official Press)

Nissan GT-R, UAE, 100 000 $

There are many bright examples of using Japanese supercars for police patrol. This car is one of the most available vehicles. Abu Dhabi started using these powerful cars in 2009. Nevertheless, these wilds animals (485 horse forces) are used mostly for advertising but not every day patrolling.

Bentley Continental GT, UAE, 200 000 $

As you can see, all cars from the list that is given here are typical for UAE. Dubai police cannot be stopped from buying new expensive supercars every time they appear. Bentley Continental costs about 200 000 dollars that is not the best of the best vehicle for police. Nevertheless, it is prestigious and still rather expensive.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, UAE, 200 000 $

The next sum is also 200 000 dollars that Dubai police can spend for the next police vehicle. Of course, this kind of car is used it for auto shows and patrolling streets from time to time. This is not a problem for Dubai police to waste money for expensive cars. It costs nothing for rich Dubai to buy this lux German supercar to boast with the power of police.

IAA2007_2007-09-17 16-17-52

McLaren MP4-12C, UAE, 240,000 $

This British supercar with the registration number 2020 belongs to UAE police. Actually the car number 2020 informs all city guests about the World Car Expo 2020 that will be held in Dubai. This is what they are really proud of. This powerful patrol car boasts with 3,8-liters turbo engine V8 that impresses you with 616 horse powers. The car is powerful, wild and expensive.

Lamborghini Gallardo, Italy, 250 000 $

This car model belongs to Italian police. There are two cars that were presented to Italian police in 2004 to demonstrate their national proud. These supercars are used by police just for emergency. Thus, one of these cars was crashed in 2009 by SEAT. Nevertheless, Italian police boasts with new shiny Lamborghini Huracan, not bad alternative to the old crashed model. Of course, Italian police is not as rich as Arabian but also has a couple of expensive cars.

Ferrari FF, UAE, 300 000 $

Again, Dubai! If there is the most expensive supercar, it must be in Dubai. Dubai police tries to gather all the best of the best models for patrolling streets and different auto show and advertising. There are four seats and four powerful wheels to be the best and the fastest car for capturing of the escaped convicts. Nevertheless, this Italian supercar would not be used for hot racing. It is just used for patrolling touristic city regions.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Great Britain, 380 000 $

Do you remember the auto show in Birmingham, England, 2006? The London Met Police presented this modified car. That was the car for show but not for work. The car has 12-cylinders engine of 6,5 liters. Everyone stopped to see the new police car. It looks really exciting.

Lamborghini Aventador, UAE, 450 000 $

This supercar is as powerful as 700 horse powers that is 350 kilometers per hour fast. Nevertheless, there is no need to go fast over the city. It was bought just for advertising as the most of supercars that are bought for Dubai police.

Lamborghini Polizia

Aston Martin One-77, UAE, 2 000 000 $

If the car costs much money, it must be included in the list of Dubai cars. You know, it was not easy to color it in police colors. As you know, Aston Martin One-77 (they are only 77 in the world) is just solid grey color. It means that the car was firstly colored white and then green to be corresponded to Dubai Police colors. The car looks great and professional. It also looks solid and very modern to be the visiting card of Dubai Police and the city upgrading. There is nothing to be surprised. Dubai government spends money for making country prestigious and glorious.