What Are The Etiquettes Of Using A Limo Service?

What Are The Etiquettes Of Using A Limo Service

A luxurious limousine makes any occasion distinct whether it is a wedding, anniversary, date or a prom. Limos are all about style and luxury, and this is the reason why you will find a number of San Francisco prom limousines providers.

Remember, reserving a limo service in advance whenever you want to reach in style is always a good idea. But to make a limo service comfortable, it is necessary to follow and remember these basic manners of riding in a deluxe limousine.

Show Respect

Treating the model of the limo you would be traveling as well as the driver with respect is the basic manner for using a limousine service. The limousines that are rented out for birthday parties, prom nights, wedding, or any occasion are very expensive. So, you should handle the vehicle properly. A limo should be considered your own property while when you have hired it. This is most important for keeping a vehicle in good condition and will also help to make your trip more pleasurable. And obviously, if your limo comes with a driver, he demands to be treated with respect as well. After all, he will be trying his level best so that you can have a great time at your prom, birthday or wedding.

Seating Capacity

Every model of limousine comes with fixed seating capacity. So, one of the central elements of etiquettes to use limo service is to respect the limit for passengers. You can only be promised a safe journey when renters of the limousine maintain the fixed capacity for seating.

In reality, the seating capacity for most of the limousines is already determined by the law. The space that adds to a safer and comfortable ride should be followed. When users do not follow this rule, there are a number of limousine services which tend to terminate the contract for providing the service at any moment. While arguing with the limo driver concerning the seating capacity is also not allowed.

Local Laws

Another etiquette for using a limo service is to abide by the local rules that are applicable in the area you are driving in. The rules linked to limousine service vary from place to place and are set into motion by the local legal authorities. Some examples of these rules are a prohibition of passengers using the sunroof, consumption of by underage passengers, illicit drugs use, etc. Any such activity can lead to the termination of the contract without making the service liable for any refund.

Personal Belongings

The passengers must take care of their belongings. You are not supposed to leave valuables behind in the limo once you have got down. Rental companies cannot be held responsible for a theft that occurred during the hire.


The universal rule of good service deserving to be tipped applies to the limo driver as well.  When a driver makes your journey both memorable and comfortable, he deserves to be tipped. Limo drivers are known to be helpful and friendly provided that you treat them with respect abide by the rules of the limo company. When a limo driver performs according to your expectations, he deserves to be recognized for his efforts. As far as tipping is concerned, limo service requires you to make an expected 15-20 percent tip. The idea is to hand over this cash at the end of the day to your driver.