Some effective tips for Icon Designing

Nowadays every designer is thinking about the apps designing but one of the smallest and the important feature of each application is the icon which represents the application into the screen. Designing is the very interesting work, the icon is more than just putting a logo into the square. So you should need to design something which is stand out among the all other app icons out there. We have some tips for them you can make effective icons.

Characteristics of the object   

This is one of the most important tips of icon design is to create an icon that is immediately identifiable, its mean that you have something to represent. It should be different and must be recognisable at a glance. Obviously, it must be iconic in the representation. Mostly logos and icons do not add the actual picture but they show the most representative idea. The picture can be difficult to read in the small size so, the graphic representations can carry the more graphic weight.

Avoid words  

In the icons, you can notice one thing that it won’t use the words because it has no space that filled with stuff to read and comprehend. It is the also rule that avoids the words in your symbol even the text is the portion of the logo that you should be measured the logo before using the main logo design. The icon must be designed in a way that creates the identity by itself without the using of words. Mostly icons include the line of descriptor text under the icon box.

Use Animated Color

Are you want that your icon must stand out then try to use some bold colors. The bright colors help you stand out the crowd and by this, you can easily get the attention of the users. The important thing in the designing of the icon that you should avoid the common colors like blue, navy blue, red because there are so many other icons is using these colors. If your brand colour is blue and your primary logo is also blue then try to mix it with other different and unique colour which may not use anyone like lime green, pink and sparkling orange. These colours make you icon more prominent and eye catchy.

Develop the simple logo 

You may have a symbol of your brand, but when we are talking about the icon, the icon is also very important to identify your app. The icon must be simple in the representation of a logo and picture. It must be attractive and memorable, most symbols are connected with the brand logos in such a way they create a link between the icons and the design projects.

Don’t forget Scale    

We always think about the small things for our icon like computer, mobile, and desktop but the icon is not always seen in the small platform. It should be designed in that way which makes it functioning in the nevertheless of size. This factor is the most important factor because the digital landscape is always moving. The icon appearance is more in a retina display and the different stages and devices. It may concentrate on many different sizes and try to build it huge and scale downsizes.

Use Monochrome

It is fun to be a little tricky designer, to use for the test out the efficiency of the small scale designs and make it colorless. It’s great that if your design can identify without colors and convey the same message so, it means that it probably works. I always start my design project in black and white theme and when I get finished designing then later I add colors on it. It is like a sketch on paper and this idea has a solid framework.

Vector Format

When we are talking about the size and scale the format is the most important part to consider that icon must need to created vector based designs. Vectors image gives the choice to make changes and shield the icon for other devices. The truth is that you will always need the numerous versions for an icon variety of size for the project.

Think in Square

Your icon must be fixed in the square frame, it does not mean that your image and design is always in square shape. It means that your icon is fit in squarely and the basic measurement of the icon that it must be equal in height and width. So if you have an icon and its symbol is highly horizontal and vertical then you need to fill the space it and it does not lose the background.

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