Thomas Wos Made a Fortune by Investing

Thomas Wos Made a Fortune by Investing

If there is one thing common in all the success stories of the world, it is the subject’s ability to identify the most prolific ventures and carve their routes to the triumph. This journey is accompanied by utmost zeal and sheer perseverance that make the path ever so seamless. The story of Thomas Wos is exhibit-A.

Humble Beginnings

Thomas Wos was born in Germany in 1986. Since his childhood, Thomas had abilities that distinguished him from his peers. This little kid from Germany was bound to reach great summits in life, it was only an impending matter. After completing his studies, Thomas moves to Switzerland where he finally kick-started his career and unveiled his true potential.

The Digital Marketing Venture

Thomas had already begun working in marketing during his studies but took his skills to a professional level once he moved to Switzerland. Since he had already become a pro at digital marketing, Thomas decided why not establish an ad agency of his own, and so he did. A few years and countless successful and satisfied clients later, the rising entrepreneur decided to expand his staff and take his business venture up a notch.

After serving years in the marketing industry and honing his skillset to an unprecedented level, Thomas decides to provide his marketing consultancy service to companies ranging from mere startups to established firms. Although he had an expert opinion when it came to marketing, Thomas’ true interests always lied in investing in different ventures.

The Wos

Thomas wasn’t one to sit back and ponder, he was a go-getter who strived to seek his dreams, and investment was on the top of his list. He established “The Wos”, a company that invests in all things Real Estate. The Wos is comprised of different divisions, each of which focuses on a select area in this industry. He invested in apartments through The Wos-Apartments, in luxury lands via The Wos-Luxury Residencies, in exotic hotel chains with The Wos-Hotels and Spa. In fact, one of his future plans is establishing one of the greatest hotel chains across the globe.

Swiss Marketing Systems GmbH

When it comes to prolific ventures in investment, Thomas Wos pops up as one of the biggest names in the industry. Aside from The Wos, Thomas also served as the Chief Operating Officer of ‘Swiss Marketing Systems GmbH’. This company deals in buying and selling real estate properties in the UAE, which benefited greatly with having a visionary like Thomas heading it. Under him, Swiss Marketing Systems GmbH has managed to become the topmost company in property listings featuring the highest number of listed properties in the whole of UAE.

WOS Swiss Investments AG (SA)

Speaking of investments, one of Thomas’ biggest ventures is WOS Swiss Investments AG (SA). This investment company alone has invested in over thirty thriving businesses with a gigantic worth of $200 Million. It also manages over a hundred properties currently, which will be expanded to 500 properties within the next year.

Thomas has been far too exceptional with his eye for investments in different ventures. Combined with a background in marketing, his success becomes inevitable. He currently manages assets worth of millions and plans on taking that number to a billion dollars in the next five years.