How Technology Could Distract Car Drivers?

There are many debatable things associated with the safety of driving. One crucial factor is whether the amount of distraction caused by new technology implementations has reached a dangerous level. The dashboard of modern cars is equipped with many advanced features and they can actually distract drivers. There are many examples associated with gross example of real distraction. The onboard navigation and entertainment system can really be distracting for many drivers. In fact, distraction is not a new factor in the car industry. Long before the Internet and other digital capabilities are added to cars, people have been distracted by many things. In fact, a single act of absentmindedness can be distracting enough for many drivers. This is something that needs to be avoided by many of them. During long-distance driving trips, absentmindedness and boredom could actually be quite deadly.

Even before the mobile phone and Internet were invented, there were already people who get distracted and hit trees. Many people also drove through the red light without seeing. Even when the person is not intoxicated or using drugs; they could still plow into cyclist and pedestrians; because they are distracted. There are cases known as looking but not seeing. Drivers could see something, but they don’t process the information. As a result, they don’t adjust the direction and speed of their car. Drivers obviously can’t take their eyes off the road, but it is important for them to try process all the information correctly.

It is important for us not to discount the real value of education and training. Good habits on the road can be established with proper habits. One of the most common problems is that drivers actually don’t have full control of their body. They let their mind and emotion to be in control, which can make less stable and predictable drivers. Training is a factor associated with the whole process, but experience is still an essential thing that we need to do. New drivers who get their driving lesson certificate, are actually only trained to operate the car. They don’t have the experience to deal with real road conditions.

Without proper instructions, it is possible that drivers will eventually develop bad habits throughout their lives. This includes doing things that make them fully distracted, even during high speed driving. The availability of the Internet, smartphones and onboard entertainment system has made it more difficult for drivers to get fully focused. In fact, some car models become a moving computer, because they similar digital processing capability of a typical desktop PC. Whatever we do, the technology should help us, instead of elevating the overall risks. The introduction of new technology into the car interior could have minor or major implications that are not proper foreseen.

Compared to ten years ago, digital capabilities for cars have become much more affordable. It is easy for us to purchase low-cost smartphones or install GPS navigation system on the dashboard. Whatever technology we choose, it is important for us to stay focused. These technologies should make our lives easier, instead becoming more complicated.