Are you looking for UI/UX Designing tweaks to increase the ROI of building a business website? Top Digital Marketing companies understand the desperation of business owners behind building a website that ‘WORKS’ i.e. a website that brings in quality traffic and successfully helps to improve conversion rate.

Digital Marketing is an unpredictable battlefield. There is no exact speculation of what is going to come in near future and what will become ‘Trending’ in the world of ‘Web Development’, which is a crucial part of the Digital Universe. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we keep up with the latest web design trends and incorporate known and proven website design standards – all of this to provide an excellent user experience and cater to the needs of web designing for clients.

In this article, we will discuss the major UI/UX Designing tips we can use to boost the proximity of your business success. So let’s get started!

Understand the W-H-W of Website –

Before even beginning with designing a website, figure out your audience first. We call it the ‘W-H-W’ of the Website Design World –

Who’ is it that will come to your website;

How’ can your website help that demographic achieve its goal; and

What’ kind of content does that demographic consume?

Therefore, never quit understanding who your audience is and what is it that they want out of your website. If you can fulfil their needs then you can definitely build a website that increases the proximity of your business success.
Probably every top company gives great attention to understanding the audience because, with the roots of a Digitaization, the behaviour of the users is also changing.

Always Think Mobile-First –

Let us ask ourselves a simple question – How many of us search for a service or a product on our smartphones? Answer: A Majority. Chances are that you are even reading this article on your smartphone.

A recent comScore research shows that desktop viewing has been on a pretty steady decline, dropping from 19.1 per cent to 10.6 per cent. On the flipside, mobile viewing has been on a consistent rise with zero expectations to slow down.

Well, designing for mobile first is the way to go if you want your users to have the best possible experience on mobile and desktop as well.

A Mobile-First approach helps you to zero-in on what really needs to go on your website. Instead of just filling out the white space with irrelevant content, you focus on what is required to make the user complete the Call to Action.

Speed is The Key –

The speed at which a webpage loads onto a device highly determines the probability of user-retention on the website. If it is low, the user (generally a person with low patience and low attention span) will search for a speedy alternative. On the flipside, if it is high, the user will interact with the website because it helps the user to reach its goal quickly. Therefore, to improve the page load speed one must implement the site speed enhancement tactics.

The web development team of every top digital marketing company realizes the fact that in this fast paced highly competitive digital world, it is imperative to improve the speed at which their product works.

Effectively Curate Your Content Copy –

A high percentage of the user retention rate can be determined by the quality of content that you put up on your website. You just cannot ignore the vitality of content on the site. Make an effective use of the white space available to put up content that is highly relevant to the demographic in target.

Highly informative content provides great value to the audience and keeps it engaged. Try breaking the content into headings, subheadings, and paragraphs to not compromise with the look of the webpage. When you provide great value to the audience, it shows its trust by converting and subscribing to your services.

Attractive Call-To-Action –

What do you want the user to do when they land onto your website? Do you want them to subscribe to your services or buy a product or do you want them to download a piece of content that you provide for free? Whatever your objective maybe, it won’t come into being without an effective Call to Action.

Therefore, one must use words or phrases that compel the user to consider Call-To-Action. Think creatively taking the demographic into consideration. Use words that will definitely attract your audience.

There are so many other factors we must bring into consideration, but these factors are the major ones!

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Pragyan Prabha is a technical writer first and an engineer second. She writes all sorts of articles related to technology.