Best Sci-fi Movies From Steven Spielberg

Best Sci-fi Movies From Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg there is no one in this world who never heard of this legendary man who created an impossible movie, which were on the list of all time great. This legend created so many unthinkable wonders on the silver screen with his artistic imagination which was shown to us via his films. No one expected such kind of masterpiece movies which were almost makes us think the objects of the films really exists in this reality world. So, many awards, medals, honors, rewards met him for his great imaginative mind. He gave so many incredible movies which are loved by the children’s and adults together. Few of them are discussed in this article.


No one was expecting this kind of sci-fi thriller until that time. This movie creates wonders in audience mind, it was almost like they made the shark act on the movie. This was a story about the sharks attacking a private resort in New England. This deadly creature attacks and kills the people for its feeding, a mother who lost her child announces revenge on those monsters, seeks the help of policemen and local experienced fishermen who will try to hunt down the monster shark.


This another wonderful creation from him, which could leave tears in the peoples’ eyes in the last few minutes of the film. It is about a small kid sized alien who visits earth along with other aliens, but he lost and left on the earth. Elliot a 10year old boy find him and takes with him. They start to communicate with each other, the alien tries to understand the earth life styles and Elliot’s learns few things from it and finally he tries to help the alien to reach his home.

Indiana Jones

This is a film series which was so popular and given blockbuster hits. It shows how well he can run the movies with different aspects mixing in it like action, humor, thriller, drama and romance. These are a series of the films which will never give bore to watch, these movies contain lot thrilling points which were received loud applause from the audience. Spielberg directed hit movies from this series like The lost ark, last crusade, temple of doom, kingdom of the crystal skull and one more coming.

Jurassic Park

Has any human begun seeing dinosaur ever before, how they walk, eat and sound??? But this legend made possible. He gave life these huge monsters and terrifying create life on a movie with his Jurassic park series movies. These were one of the biggest histories of human movie history, no one can imagine the dinosaurs without watching his movies. With his amazing imaginative brain he gave life to dinosaurs on the screen which were died millions of year ago on the earth.