5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

I don’t think there is a travel fan who hasn’t heard about Chiang Mai, one of the most popular attractions not only in Thailand, but in the whole Asia in general.

5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

With amazing views, ethnic tribes, temples, mountains and a wide variety of activities makes this place even more breathtaking than it already is.  However, if you still have doubts whether you should visit Chiang Mai or not, here are 5 reasons that will definitely make your decision to travel Chiang Mai easier:

  1. Rafting in Chiang Mai

Rafting is popular in Chiang Mai because it is fun and exciting and easily accessible from the city.  When it comes to choosing the best rafting company in the region, 8Adventures is the safest and most professional option.
8Adventures offers you two options:
-10km rafting trip on Mae Taeng river which includes Class III-IV rapids on this river.
From the river camp the guests spend 15 minutes long rafting to the village of Sop Kai and right after that the main class IV section begins which is a non- stop action, super exciting for every adventurer.
-The other option- 5 km trip is a more subtle rafting experience with combination of rapids from class II and class III. During the trip, the guests will be able to see elephant camps and a good view of the jungle.  To make the whole experience even better, in the trip is also included lunch and refreshments!

  1. Chiang Mai is a Great Place for Shopping

Yes, as you read it – Chiang Mai is a great place for shopping. Its markets are very unique and they offer you bunch of authentic Thai products that you literally couldn’t resist. The best thing is that the prices are super affordable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that at all!

  1. Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang is the number one attraction in Chiang Mai. The building is super unique and special because it has a contrast of old unused temple located right behind the new temple which gives a remarkable view that you will never regret.

  1. Elephant Camps

Chiang Mai has many elephant camps, some are good for riding, whilst others allow guests to simply view and admire these amazing animals. Often elephants were rescued from doing illegal activities or unsuitable living conditions. These camps will give you a first-hand experience of being very close to these beautiful animals where you can bath them, feed them and get close to them.

  1. Amazing Jungle and Rainforest

Chiang Mai also offers you an opportunity to explore its amazing jungles and rainforest which would be a super impressive experience for all the lovers of the nature.  You could explore the province in many ways: rafting (mentioned above), trekking, canoeing, and staying in homestays!

All in all, Chiang Mai is a magical place which would definitely steal your soul for good so just check it out!