Movies You Need To See Before 2015 Ends

Movies Need To See Before 2015 Ends

There are many movies released this year, most of them were absolutely fantastic and created huge collections for the producers at box offices. The 2015 coming to end in a few days, you have missed watching some of the best movies of this year. There numerous thrilling, dramatic and visualized movies released in a technologically advanced year. Yet another good year remained for the Hollywood producers with some action filled movies at the theatres, Some big movies created overwhelmed response from the audiences before the releases of the films. Hollywood’s biggest stars filled films received tremendous response from the film critics and regular audiences. So, let’s check the best movies you may miss watching them earlier this year.

Mad Max Fury

This fantastic movie came out as a sequel to its earlier movie with stunning screenplay and action scenes. The story of the movie is the immortan joe keeps the apocalypse services as wife’s in his fortress. The wives try to escape from the fortress with the help of warrior Imperator and max. In their daring escape journey, they face many troubles and hurdles, while chased by the mad army.


Another sequel came the avengers make with stunning visual effect lot of star action sequences. The plot of the movies goes as stony stark the iron man tries to go ahead with his dormant peacekeeping program. Which goes terribly wrong and entire world falls into dangerous situations. The entire Avengers team having some internal ego issues which lead to more difficult situations.

Jurassic World

After years of gap, the Jurassic world back to the audiences along with stunning, beautiful new creatures and stunning visual effects. The movies must have to be experienced on the big screen to feel the effect of the dinosaur in front of you. The plot of the movie is similar its old story, but the new improved version creatures and big VFX effects can thrill the audiences in the theater.


Another best action packed movie came from MI movie makers, the Ethan hunt shows again some extra-ordinary skills in this movie to find out who is behind the new threat called syndicate, again, he finds syndicate is not just single organization but it’s a network of highly skilled operative who are having goals to bring the new world order.

The other honorable mention you must watch at least once to feel how good the movies made this year with fantastic stories and action packs. FF7, The Martian, Minions, In the Heart of Sea and others.