4 Christian Spiritual Movies In 2015

4 Christian Spiritual Movies In 2015

According to Christians, they believe the end days are here, their lord Christ is coming back soon to take his disciple to heaven with him. During this end days they are strongly advised to keep their faith with the Christ and wait for his second coming. There are many books, papers, journals and articles were published daily in the world to spiritually strengthen them. There are few movies come to Hollywood based on Christian beliefs and lifestyles. These movies may not earn much money, but they end up in encourage so many people to believe in GOD and get near to the powerful GOD. These movie makers create beautiful pictures which touches key points of Christian life’s and their beliefs in order to encourage them to strengthen their lives with Christ Love and faith in him. There few movies released in this year also, let’s check five from them.

Faith of Our Fathers

In this movie the plot goes like this, two young fathers were ordered to be in report duty in the Vietnam war raging in 1969, one of them has a great faith in God and the other one has a doubtful cynic. A 25 yrs their sons meets as strangers. Guided by letters written by their father’s own handwriting from the battle field. They had a remarkable an unforgettable journey to the wall-the Vietnam veterans memorial in Washington, D.C. Finally, they discover the wars can’t break relations of father and son. Though it is a good movie the movie critics rated 2.8/10 on IMDB.

Do you Believe

It is the story of different people and different characters’ lives, their life’s in different directions and expects something more. Unexpectedly, they all meet once and discovers there is power in the Cross of Christ, but still doesn’t believe it completely. The next level of the story turns between a local pastor and a visible faith of an old street-corner preacher. It’s rated at 5.6/10 in IMDB ratings.


This movie based on basic principles said in Bibles Book Proverbs 31, have to live by faith, integrity, wisdom and honor. The story was about a young woman, who was accused of murdering the man who assaulted her. Later, she seeks attorney for the help to prove her innocence in charge against her. What will happen to her life after that… have to see in the movie. It was rated 7.6/10 in IMDB ratings.

War Room

This story was regarding the a family of dad, mother, daughter. Both the husband and wife have good jobs and has a beautiful home, but they will feel the relationship not working well. The year by year the marriage life becomes a war zone life for both them. With a guidance of an Old women the wife starts believe the power of prayer, she discovers she can start fighting for her family instead going against them. It was rated 6.1/10 in IMDB ratings, it’s a fantastic family story narrated and shown the importance of prayer in family life and relationships.