Movies Releasing This Christmas 2015

Movies Releasing This Christmas 2015

The Christmas is near, everyone started to plan their holiday schedules. Plans for movies, parties, meeting parents, going abroad for tourism and visiting many places as possible and meeting with new people is always a good experience in the Christmas holidays. It is a joyful time for everyone in the year, they have to celebrate the Christmas like no other things, at the same time some people who are still busy with their works and programs gets only a few days to enjoy in the Christmas month. They won’t have an option to travel longer distances to celebrated the occasions but they have a chance to go for their favorite entertaining and relaxing programs called movies. It gives some relaxation from their daily heavy works. So, we are here with list some top movies, going to release in the Christmas time this year, check out these and plan for the movie.

Son of Saul

This movie coming out from the Sony Pictures Classics. The plot of the movie is during the second world war, a Jewish worker at the Auschwitz concentration camp tries to a find perfect godly rabbi to bury a dead child properly. The movie categorized under Historical drama, directed by Laszlo Nemes. The main cast of the includes Geza Rohrig, Uwe Lauer, Todd Charmont, Marcin Czarnik and others.

Alvin and Chipmunks

Another movie coming out in this Christmas from a crazy combination of human and chipmunk movie series. In this movie a series of misunderstandings will tear apart chipmunks and Alvin. The chipmunks assume something that wasn’t real and tries to stop Alvin from doing it. This movie is directed by Walt Becker and as we know this categorized under comedy, so the entire family can go to this movie. The main cast film is Jason lee, tony hale, Justin long, Matthew Gray and others.

Star Wars

You are about to feel another fantastic experience from another star wars movie. We have seen earlier how fantastic the visual of fighting scenes and other vfx in these movies. The story of the movie is after the 30years of defeating the galactic empire, Han solo and his troops had another threat face from evil kylo ran. The main crew of the film is Harrison ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie fisher, Adam driver, daisy Ridley and others.

In the Heart of Sea

based on a true story another beautiful movie coming from the director Ron Howard. Chris Hemsworth playing the key role of the movie. the plot of the movie goes as a crewmen in 1820 aboard The New England Vessel Essex, in the travel the face a horrifying a big mammoth sized whale and fights with it for the survival. the main cast and crew of the film are Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Jordi Molla and others. the movie categorised under historical drama and action picture.