Best Movies Of Bond Hero Daniel Craig

Best Movies Of Bond Hero Daniel Craig

Daniel Crag is one of the most perfect Bond looking heroes, he is one of the famous faces around the world. He is perfectly suited for the bond films and other films also gained a positive talk on his performance excellent as leading actor in the movies. Basically, he is known face of the British, who was struggling earlier in his career before the bond movies as a teenage actor. He gave extra-ordinary performances in other movies which were earned good points at box offices lets check the few films which were helped him to gain applauses for his performance. He was nominated twice for the academy awards in the Best Actor category for Casino Royale and Sky Fall.

Bond Series

We know how popular the bond movies, they are always giving us the fantastic experience while watching the movie. Daniel Craig has a luck in his pocket, he continually acts in the bond movies from 2006 Casino Royale. Each movie comes with a special action and romance packed entertainer, he acted in all the next films of the bond series after 2006 which pulled an awesome collection at the box office. The actor has also received positive talks from the movie critics.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The movie has so potential script work and the audience received it exceptionally well. The story of this movie goes like this. After effectively sued for criticism by a well off industrialist, investigative writer Mikael Blomqvist leaves his magazine Millennium and acknowledges an offer from Henrik Vanger to compose the Vanger family history. An old modern family, the Vangers have their offer of potentially disastrous secrets. He starts to disentangle a portion of the signs Harriet has abandoned and chooses to get a right hand, PC programmer Lisbeth Salander, the lady who did the extremely intensive personal investigation on greetings for Vanger. Together, they learn of a portion of the Vangers profound, rough privileged insights.


Truman Capote reads a book about the murder of a family in Kansas. There are no suspects jailed or investigated for the murder. He visits the town with Harper Lee to write about the responses from them. He wants to start with local people, then gets access to prisoners. Capote strongly wants to complete the story, believing that the book brings changes to the reports.

There are other movies in his career which gave him a great respect and popularity in the international film industry. The other fine work of his acting skill in movies were ENDURING LOVE, The Mother, Munich and Layer Cake.