Things You Need For A Perfect Road Trip

Sometimes all you need an empty road to deal with piling stress. “Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life”, writes Jack Kerouac in On the Road, and who knows road trips better than him? However, the content of your suitcase might be quite different from his, so here are several things you must not forget when on the road.

Things You Need For A Perfect Road Trip

Food and Water

Frist of all, you need to make sure you are not hungry nor thirsty, so pack enough of your favorite snacks for a couple of days. Some people even include fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts because being on the road does not mean you should stop eating healthy food.

Another exciting idea is packing a picnic lunch and eating somewhere in the middle of nowhere, which is what I did on different occasion during my last trip across Australia. Alas, remember to bring enough water, especially if you are travelling in the summer, and make sure you get a couple of new bottles every time you stop for food or gas.


Some time ago, you could not imagine travelling anywhere without a trustworthy paper map that you had to study carefully and make a detailed route. Even though paper maps are still being used by some people, most of them have switched to GoogleMaps a long time ago.

The benefit of Internet maps is their coverage and they are an irreplaceable asset in the majority of places you can consider visiting. In addition to a good map, you might also want to purchase a GPS device that comes in handy when your mobile signal is weak.

Things You Need For A Perfect Road Trip

Music on the Go

Listening to local radio stations might be fun and exciting for a while, but not all the way. That is why road trippers often make mixtapes, CD collections and playlists that will last an entire trip. Nonetheless, some of them forget how important it is to diversify and mix genres. The road is long and you will not always be in the same mood, so making a diverse playlist is something I always do. With songs that make me both happy and introspective, and my trusted Pioneer car stereo right beside me, there is no way that my road trips are boring.

Travel Apps

GoogleMaps is just one of many useful travel apps you will definitely need on a road trip, no matter where you are going and how long you are staying. You can use them to book a flight, find a hotel, check the sights, learn about the local cuisine and customs and find out the weather forecast.

When travelling by car, you need an app that provides information about the routes, traffic, directions, gas stations and motels close to the road you are taking. Furthermore, some of them even offer highway-related data and suggest which exit is the best to take in order to reach your destination.

Things You Need For A Perfect Road Trip


Depending on how long you are planning to be on the road, pack enough comfortable clothes – T-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, etc. Being stylish and elegant is important, but driving around the country in tight jeans and a buttoned-up shirt makes zero sense. Moreover, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes or sneakers and always keep an extra pair in the trunk.

Other Essentials

In addition to these things, you must not forget to take a camera to capture all the excitement you will experience, as well as backup batteries and a car tool kit. Finally, you might want to buy a new suitcase or two, in case yours is as battered as Kerouac’s. Enjoy!