How to Be a Better Athlete

Everyone has one or more ultimate goals in their life. Whether it’s to be well enough to be independent in old age, live long enough to see their grandchildren grow up or carry their loved ones out of danger. That’s right. There’s always a deep reason if you look hard enough.

And if you connect your deep needs as a human and how important your sets and reps in the gym, your progress as a lifter would be easier and more consistent. Why? Because your motivation to get to the gym would be secured from deep within. When you have a bad day at training, you would never question why you do this stuff.

So, let’s take advantage of these connections. The connections between your human self and your athletic self. Here are several ways to be a better athlete (and person).

How to Be a Better Athlete


Be punctual. Just as being too busy to train a choice, so is being late. Okay, sometimes there is a situation that can’t be avoided. Life happens. However, being late on even semi-regular basis is a choice. In other words, you are continually prioritizing something else over your training.

Haven’t you notice how when you came up late to a session you feel one step behind the whole rest of the session? Isn’t it a little off-kilter with your training buddies? That’s no way to train. That’s no way to be present in the session.

Make a decision to prioritize your training. Be on time. That way, you’ll find the focus you’re devoting to your training starts to filter into everything. From your sets and reps down to your nutrition.


Not only you need to be punctual, you’ll also need to be purposeful. The process of trial, error, refinement and retrial is indeed where the methods are modified for the better. But, that can only happen if you know what your purpose is.

The more deeply rooted your purpose, the more invested you’ll be in your training. Thus, the more motivated you’ll be without needing neither pushing nor prodding. In the end, it leads to consistent, meaningful training. This will bring you results.


That’s correct. Be humble. Just because you’re a better exerciser than most people, that doesn’t mean you’re better at life. Just because you can lift heavier than most people, that doesn’t give you any entitlement over anyone else.

Remember, sport is a small subsection of life. And what you do is a small subsection of sport. Your dominance on the platform doesn’t extrapolate to any kind of dominance or entitlement in life. If you want to be respected, then be a respectable person. It isn’t about lifting the biggest weight. Or having the fastest time. It’s about the integrity you have as an athlete. That is a deeper, less transient respect. This is a respect that starts from within. Respecting yourself comes from acting with honor and integrity. Yes, in everything you do.

In short, train hard and be nice. If you become a better person, you will become a better athlete.