USA Sport: TOP 5 Favorite Sports In America

USA is one of the most sportive countries in the world. All world popular kinds of sport are attractive for America. The country is supportive platform for many of them, including Thai box, polo, tennis and chess. There are 4 kinds of sport that are mostly interesting for 70-80% of Americans. All of them are very hard competitions. To succeed, you have to work hard and keep yourself in a good form. This is a big dream of all Americans to get in the Premier League. If you are good in sport, you can expect for millions of earned income, advertising contracts, TV-shows, clothing line.

Cleveland Indians

Visiting Card of America: BASEBALL

The most popular kind of sport in America is baseball. Kids of early age play baseball. Every next school in America has own school team. Playing baseball is very prestigious especially if you play for MLB. If you are good in baseball, you probably know the name of Alex Rodriguez, Joe Mauer, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Li, Kevin Brown and the names of other sport-millionaires who, played for the MLB clubs.

By the way, the world popular Baseball cap was developed in 1954 by the New Era Company to protect players from the sun. The cap was recognized in the 70th, where players and their fans started wearing caps with the team logo for match. The rules of baseball were developed in 1845 by the New York fireman Alex Cartwright. The first national championship of the USA in baseball took part in a year after this date. If you are interested to stake on MLB, you should do it from the official websites only.

Made in America: BASKETBALL

Basketball came from the English basket and ball. It was developed in the USA in 1891. The creator of basketball, the citizen of Springfield and collage teacher James Naismith decided to add something interesting into the lessons of physical training. He first discovered to use garden baskets to throw the ball in it. The rules of the game were changing every year until 2004. The modern rules say that basketball field is divided by two teams, 5 players for each team. You may play only with your hands.

Millions of fans all over the world are fond of NBA players such as Michael Jeffrey Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. These glorious sportsmen came from different basketball clubs of the USA. They contributed to make basketball one of the most popular sports in America. Basketball was included into the program of Olympic Games since 1936. Staking on NBA is considered to be rather professional and profitable business that brings you good money.

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

Strong Game for Strong Men: AMERICAN FOOTBALL

American football in the USA was created on the base of the traditional football and rugby.  The task of players in American football is taking the ball at the end of the zone or put it in the competitor’s net. The football is played with hands. You can pass the ball to other team players. You can also use strong body hits to push the ball. It is interesting to know that the most American sport was officially discovered in Canton. You have to hire a car in Cleveland and drive about 70 kilometers to Canton. This is the place, where you can learn everything about American football.

The first football union was firstly created by four teams: Acron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Browns and Dayton Triangles. The American Professional Football Conference was established. Later, it was the beginning of the National Football Conference (NFC). NFL football is included into the list of the most dangerous kinds of sport to be compared with MMA. Of course, sportsmen wear special uniform to protect them.

Texans practice '10

Rude and Exciting: HOCKEY

Of course, the strongest and the most prestigious sport in America is NHL, or National Hockey League. This kind of sport is broadcasted on TV all over the country. It is interesting, but almost all NHL teams have their special symbols. Thus, Vancouver Canucks took the shark as their symbol. Calgary Flames use the dog symbol and Florida Panthers use panther. The first professional teams appeared in the beginning of the 20th century. Hockey was new sport for Americans at that time. Their teams consisted of Canadians.

There are two groups in the Hockey League, American and Canadian. Why American Hockey is successful? Of course, they have the best hockey teachers in the world – Canadians. It is not enough. It is very important to pay much attention to junior hockey development. There is a special department that is involved in discovering and development of special projects to work with kids and juniors. The conditions to develop sport for kids are good. Every American state has its own hockey team. Nevertheless, there is a common training program for kids that is used by all Americans.

Sport For American Students: SOCCER

Soccer is also worth attention in America. This is not the most popular American sport. MLS is the main football league. Thus, it is different by the name from the national American sport – American football. Soccer, or European traditional football is mostly popular for student and collage teams. The stakes for soccer teams are not very popular in America.

USMNT vs. Belgium

The most popular sport in America is American football. The public opinion says that American football is favorite sport for 30% of Americans. The next position is held by baseball (15%) and auto racing (10%). The hockey is popular for 5%, professional basketball is attractive for 4%. Soccer and bowling is good for 2% and box and tennis is favorite for 1%.

Actually, the people attractions depend on sex, demographical and other characteristics of the American citizens. For example, American football is mostly popular for men of 50-75 000 dollars per year to earn, the age of 35-29 and older than 65. It returns, this kind of sport is not very attractive for high-educated people and Latins. Sociology is very interesting science. Nevertheless, you sport attraction depends only on what you like.