Go Faux: Protect Your Leather With a Look-a-Like

Leather seats can feel like a real luxury—until a rainy day or a family outing. Don’t let your lifestyle get the better of your leather. CalTrend sells faux leather seat covers with the same luxury and softness of leather but without its delicacy. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather® seat covers resist mildew, abrasions and wear, and UV rays. Check out CalTrend’s seat cover reviews, and consider these reasons why you should protect your leather seats with faux leather.

Maintain the Elegance

High-quality faux leather seat covers offer the same luxurious feel and look that leather does. These covers are precision-cut and customized for your vehicle so they fit tightly and look great for years to come. CalTrend’s sophisticated faux leather has reinforced seams and foam backing for extra comfort. They were developed so you can enjoy the same elegant feel that leather has without its need for special handling.

Fine Looks for Families

These sophisticated faux leather seat covers fit like a glove and, like leather, they look great. Unlike leather, however, CalTrend’s covers resist spills so they look good year after year. Your children can enjoy them along with you, because they resist wear and fading as well as mildew.

Extend the Life of Your Upholstery

Should you ever wish to sell your vehicle with leather upholstery, its value will go down if the interior is torn, worn and stained. CalTrend’s high-quality faux leather installs quickly and easily with no tools to protect your leather seats, mimicking the look and feel of leather yet offering a livability factor that leather does not. Your leather seats will be clean and fresh for the buyer if you ever decide to sell.

These are good reasons to protect your leather seats with faux leather. Contact us today to start your custom order.