Buying Guide For The Best Car Covers

car cover

If you’re planning to buy a car cover for protecting your brand new car or vehicle, it’s quite important for you to pick a perfect cover that works best for you and your vehicle. These days, car covers are manufactured in a wide range of styles, colors, materials, and sizes. These covers might range from soft, thin fabricated dust resistant covers to more heavy duty, UV and water resistant car covers. Each type of cover has different features and can be used accordingly.

Covers for cars parked indoors

If already parking your car in an enclosure, like a closed parking lot or a garage, then a simple fabric cover is enough. These types of covers usually come in soft, snug fit, tight, easy use fabric materials that can simply cover your car from soft damages, like wind and dust. It’s ideal for indoor use or for cars parked in other sheltered areas.

Some of these lined covers however, might also create some problems. During winter or rainy weathers they might trap the moisture inside the car and lead to condensation, thereby holding the water particles against the surface of the car. Make sure you don’t keep your garage open for a long time and avoid letting in moist air. In case if you’re living in regions that have humid weather conditions, it’s better to go for a sturdier car cover.

Thick water resistant car covers

If you need to protect your car from rain, humid weather, and other potential contaminants, you might need a thicker cover that’s completely water and moisture resistant. These covers will be heavier most of the times and if put into use in the wrong manner will inflict scratches or other damages by rubbing against the body of your car.

If you are in a humid region, you obviously need to buy a thicker, rubber car cover for saving your car from any damage. Pick a cover that comes with various good features, like made of soft woven materials, or natural woolen cover to ensure that your car is well covered and saved from any damage. Make sure that the cover is aerated so that it can expel moisture from inside the cover.  The breathable car covers comes with small microscopic holes through which the moisture and condensed air inside the cover can escape.

Custom made car covers

There are also customized car covers that are manufactured depending on your personal choices and preferences. Many car covers manufacturers produce dedicated covers for different models and types of cars. You can either buy one from them or customize your own material, color, and style based on your requirements. There are covers that are both water and UV resistant, it’s better to buy these covers because they can be used for a long time. The more features you look for in a car cover, the costlier it becomes, so make sure you buy one that fits your budget.

Finally, when you’re done choosing your car cover, you must know how to use it correctly. Make sure you care for it in a proper way so that it lasts longer and protects your car from any damage.