Few Tips For Creating A Modern Yet Romantic Living Room

Redecorating your living room doesn’t have to cost you much money; if you stick to the basic principles, you’ll get a modern space, and we’ll provide a few tips on how to give it a romantic spin as well.


The dominant colors of a romantic living room are usually muted pastels, which give out the vintage charm and a warm feel. Plain white is thus replaced by ivory-shaded yellow to stimulate a vintage look. It’s also popular to dye certain fabrics, such as linen or tea, in order to get to darker shades. Use fabrics with natural fibers such as cotton if you plan to do so – because artificial fabrics most often can’t be dyed. Monochromatic arrangement of colors creates less contrast and will visually expand the space of your living room. Try to use slightly stronger colors (such as brown) but make sure that all the major surfaces are in the same color – the combination of fabrics, furniture and walls will create the modern look.

Few Tips For Creating A Modern Yet Romantic Living Room


Emphasis should be put on comfort and getting the most out of your space. The furniture is usually coated with soft edges and cushions are only optional. You’ll want furniture which is not bloated, with small armrests. Instead of having one huge table, consider getting two smaller ones (like a coffee table) – you can move them around easily depending on the occasion. When it comes to style, we suggest tables with thin and long legs in white or other light colors.


Nothing says romance as a nice fireplace. “Cuddling and relaxing with your loved one in front of the fire is worthy of having one, but there are several other advantages” – say the experts from Jotul, a furnace manufacturer well-known in Balkans. It’s actually eco- friendly and will save you money as well; purchasing firewood to heat your living room actually costs less money than employing any kind of fossil-fuel heaters.

Few Tips For Creating A Modern Yet Romantic Living Room


Accessories give every room its soul; they add up that X factor after all the other elements are in place, raising the aesthetic value of your space. The modern look likes both white and black for metal products and curtain rods; if your rods are wooden, go with light brown. Be careful: a small room may seem even smaller if you fill it with too many tiny details: limit the number of pillos on sofas, add one or two decorative lamps (they’ll help with creating a romantic atmosphere as well), use faded ornaments trimmed with lace, or even needlepoint rugs. Of course, a few scented candles or a candlestick are an absolute must for any romantic evening! But, generally speaking, remember that less is sometimes more!


Use layers of lace and natural fibers if you want a luxurious look, but if you prefer a simpler solution go with basic curtains in some darker color or translucent blinds. Or better yet – remove the curtains altogether and let the sunshine come in; it will make the windows and the entire room seem bigger.

Of course, these are just basic guidelines – rely on your own good judgment and taste to get the living room of your dreams – but we strongly feel following these advice is a good start!