How to Become Successful Rapper?

There are many requirements of being a successful rapper. They need to have a significant amount of self confidence and they should be a good communicator, especially a fast talker. Both are core components that aspiring rappers need to consider to ensure success in the industry. Creating a larger than life persona would be quite challenging for rappers, because they need to show others about how unique they are. In fact, rappers should be so confident that they consider themselves as their own biggest fan. Rappers couldn’t encourage others to like them, if they don’t really like themselves. If someone insists of becoming a rapper, there are a few suggestions that they need to consider.

When learning to become a rapper, someone should learn rhyming dictionary well and although it isn’t necessary to turn themselves into a lyrical god, they should know how to properly make sentences rhyme. They should understand about proper pace and to make words flow to the beat. In essence, it is more about timing. However, with advanced implementations, it is actually possible to be in front of the beat, ride the beat or go behind the beat. It is important to know how properly pace our phrases and words. We should be able to be consistent purposely, or everything will sound unbalanced and chaotic.

Successful rappers know how to project their voice properly. In this case, rappers won’t be well received if they tend to whisper and speak like they are reluctant to be heard. Although some rappers may think that they could become more unique by speaking softer, they won’t be well received in the long run. Rappers should have a significant presence vocally and physically. Their voice should be quite prominent and they need to be in charge of their lyrics. Vocal characteristics are a strong indication of our passion and it is important to make sure that the audience could hear us.

It is important for us that we are able to project our voice when we rap. Rappers should become a big fan of the rap music itself. Just like avid archaeologists who are eager to excavate newly discovered dinosaur fossils, rappers should also be enthusiastic with their industry. In fact, other than singing, they also need to learn books about the history of rap music and the overall hip-hop culture.

Professional rappers are known for their excellent breath control and without it, words can’t flow smoothly. Yes, we are able get away with this using studio technique, but it is likely that we would be incapable of performing well, if we are not able to breathe smoothly. Breathing during a rap performance could be a more rigorous task than breathing during normal singing. If breathing properly for rap performance is still an issue, rappers are often advised to perform physical exercises. As an example, rappers can walk briskly for 10 minutes on a treadmill and then followed by 20 more minutes while practicing rap songs.