Kitchen Makeover: Giving New Shine To Your Old Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel outdated and uninspired? Is your dining decor making your every day routines boring and bland? Then it is time for you to breathe life into your old kitchen! With just a few easy, quick fixes, you can transform your kitchen from dull to dazzling! Read on to discover five simple ways to give your kitchen a fresh new shine.

Kitchen Makeover: Giving New Shine To Your Old Kitchen
1. Give your Cabinets a Marvelous Makeover!

Our kitchen cabinets take up so much space in the room- why not make that space count? Give your cabinets a fresh new look that is a cinch to achieve. Swap out old, unattractive cabinetry handles for fun new cabinet jewelry. We absolutely love the drawer knobs available at any custom-made kitchens manufacturer: made of classic stone wear, these adorable handles feature hand painted, brightly coloured animals. These fun cabinet knobs will be sure to breathe life into both your kitchen and your every day cooking routine!

2. New Coat, New Room!

Are you looking to really shake things up? Why not repaint the entire kitchen? A fresh coat can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. To clean up your kitchen’s act, try painting your walls a soothing shade of creamy white. Or, opt for style and warmth with a comforting shade of red. The colour red is proven to incite excitement, boost energy, and even increase feelings of hunger- appropriate for your kitchen, without a doubt. Energize your room with a quick coat of paint!

3. Bring the Garden Inside!

Most people use herbs like basil, oregano, and thyme almost every day. Cut down on grocery costs and add to your dinner decor by installing easy window boxes at your kitchen windows! You can purchase inexpensive window boxes at a huge variety of stores, from your local DIY store to the neighbouring kitchen hardware shop. Window boxes come in a wide range of sizes and styles and are extremely simple to install, and planting herbs not only saves you money, but provides you with a lovely, lush kitchen decoration. Freshen your room and your air with this easy kitchen upgrade.

4. Cheers to Chairs!

It is a wonder how much new furniture can do to refresh a room. If your old kitchen chairs are battered and boring, switch things up with a whole new style of seat ware. Do you have upholstered chairs that are faded and dated? Reupholster them! Reupholstering a chair is an easy, quick task that will go a long way to freshen up your room. A bright new upholstery job will take your kitchen’s style from unfashionable to unforgettable.

5. Freshen up the Room with Brand New Art!

Why not enliven up the scenery with a bit of artwork? Art can lend a room atmosphere and regality, or quirkiness and fun- and all you have to do is hang up a picture! Looking for a way to make your kitchen decor more personal and pretty? Dedicate a portion of the wall to your children’s art work. This is a great way to encourage your children’s creativity while at the same time breathing life into your kitchen.

Freshening up your kitchen’s ambiance is simple, quick, and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Put our tips to the test, and make your kitchen an energizing, lively masterpiece!