Family Fun Turks and Caicos Style

Deciding where to take your family on holiday can be a real headache. Getting everybody to agree on a destination can be tough – you may even get to the point where a stay-cation at home seems the easiest option.

But hang on a minute. There is one place that you could take your family that will put a smile on everybody’s face – the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean.


You will be when I tell you more about this beautiful chain of islands located in warm, crystal clear seas. I challenge anybody to be disappointed with what’s on offer at Turk and Caicos.

So where are these Wonder Isles in Paradise?

Situated south east of Miami, they are north of Caribbean favourites such as Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Strictly speaking, T&C are in Atlantic waters, not Caribbean seas – but the influences on the ground are of a firmly Caribbean flavour. The laid back and welcoming nature of the locals, the cuisine, tropical landscapes of palm trees and idyllic white beaches all bring to mind the Caribbean. But if you’re flying in from the east coast of the United States, journey times are shorter because it’s much closer. Flights into the international airport on the most populated island Providenciales are frequent and many airlines go there. So all in all, the convenience and accessibility of Turks and Caicos is actually very good.

When you arrive by plane you will touch down on the island of Providenciales. This is a good place to start as it’s where most of the action is. As well as accommodations, this island is best served for activities, restaurants, shopping and other amenities that make a family holiday run smoothly.

Holidays with children can be a logistical nightmare, that’s why many parents choose the self catering holiday suite option. Having separate bedrooms at your disposal as well as a communal open plan living area and well equipped kitchen makes taking your family out of their usual home environment less of a challenge. Food and mealtimes can become the focus of discontent on holidays, so being able to decide what and when you eat is a real bonus. Add to that the convenience of laundry facilities and TV to entertain them when they’re too tired for anything else in the evenings, and an all inclusive self catering suite seems a fantastic idea.

Grace Bay Beach on the island of Providenciales is where many families spend time in Turks and Caicos. Places such as make the perfect base for a relaxed family vacation. Located right on Grace Bay Beach, a twelve mile stretch of pristine sands, offers fabulous, luxury accommodations in stunning surroundings with easy access to one of the best snorkelling reefs on the islands. For many holidaymakers, snorkelling trips don’t happen without the expense of a boat trip – and paying out for lots of children can really add up. If your kids are water babies and enjoy exploring the marine underworld, then this place will keep them happy all day long. Safe warm waters and a wealth of exotic marine life ranging from turtles, parrot fish, dolphins, starfish and more, provide a stimulating experience for kids of all ages. And when they get tired or hungry, they can simply return to the shore for a rest at

Other family fun to be had on the islands includes a visit to the Conch Farm where giant shellfish are bred and raised. Conch is a local culinary delicacy and you will find it presented on the menu in a variety of ways. The style of food on offer is mainly Caribbean and dishes such as jerk chicken and stewed chicken are hugely popular. Of course, fresh seafood and fish feature strongly on the menu and the island’s chefs are expert at preparation and presentation. At the Coral Garden Resort there is a relaxed restaurant overlooking the beach which serves food with a Tex Mex twist. And if you crave sushi, there is even a sushi bar in Grace Bay which gets very busy – which is always a good sign.

Kids love to explore in caves and grottos so take them to Conch Bar Caves in Middle Caicos. These underground limestone caves will fascinate junior geologists with their interesting rock formations and stalagmites and stalactites. An underground lagoon can be viewed in the vast caverns as well as colonies of bats that dwell within.

For a simple, fun family holiday that focuses on the natural world, pick the Turks and Caicos islands. More of a snorkel and flippers holiday than a traditional bucket and spade break, but with the guarantee of warm seas and sunshine. Sound good?