British Foodie Completes Michelin Star Mission Reviewing All 162 UK Restaurants

London based food writer completes review of all UK Michelin Star Restaurants on 5 year mission to

Richard Bagnold, known online as Major Foodie, has completed a gastronomic adventure to review every Michelin Star Restaurant in the UK.

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The 5-year Michelin mission has seen Bagnold travel the length and breadth of the UK, taking extraordinary measures to sample sensational food that starred restaurants are renowned for. His passion has seen him drive through the night to get to reservations in Scotland and schedule weekends to review 3 different restaurants in the same region – all to test his theory that fine dining can be bought on a budget.

Bagnold decided to eat and review every Michelin star restaurant in the UK to prove that he could sample the best food on offer at an affordable price and be no more expensive than a meal at a restaurant chain. He discovered how to hack the fine dining system to make even the most elite restaurants affordable.

“If you see a 3-course set menu at a Michelin starred restaurant, it’s very likely you are going to get much more at no extra cost.  Restaurants serve complimentary courses to demonstrate gastronomic flair – even the speciality bread is likely to be hand-made.” said Bagnold.

“Top restaurants have quiet periods and you can take advantage of set price menus over lunch, before 6pm and in some cases after 10pm. The Dorchester, one of the UK’s most exclusive3 star restaurants offers 3 courses, 2 glasses of wine plus coffee and ½ bottle of water for an incredible £65 at lunch” said Bagnold.

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