3 Extreme Vacation Ideas For Adrenaline Junkies

Some restless souls live with constant symptoms of incurable wanderlust. Are you one of them?

Are you one of those adrenaline junkies looking with your bags always packed for adventure. eagerly awaiting the far-away dangers and unbearable climates that will get your heart racing? Read on for a list of slightly insane destinations to keep the insatiable adventure satisfied. For the moment, at least. 

Vermont Mountains

For starters, you can head over to the States for a little winter madness. You won’t mind trading 17 degrees celsius for -17 degrees fahrenheit—or colder. Visit Jay Peak, which holds the record in the state for the most snowfall in 24 hours.

If you enjoy a trip in a caravan, which has become a popular pastime in Ireland, bring it along. Camping out in the snow will make for a more authentic experience. If you don’t yet own one, you may want to invest in a camper for the trip; it’ll get cold.

To avoid hypothermia, keep your heart rate up during the day by going kayaking out on a nearby lake. If you plan right, they won’t yet be frozen. Put on your winter kayaking gear and relax under the sun (the sky may be covered in snowy skies, but the sun is technically still up there).

Lut Desert

You won’t miss the fantastical Mourne mountains when you travel to the Iranian desert for a change of climate extremes. Temperatures in the Lut Desert boast some of the record highs for the world. They can climb up to 70 degrees celsius!

Here, you can enjoy the incomparable solitude offered by the Lut Desert. The only reason the record temperature is known is because NASA used a satellite to get the temperature reading. However, you can visit the desert in the spring, when it is manageable for humans.  

The physically unbearable temperatures that make Lut Desert uninhabitable make it a rather lonely trip, so hopefully you enjoyed staying in your camper in Vermont. You are going to need it since there are no hotels at this desert destination. You may want to de-winterize it and make sure the air conditioning is working before you get there.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Sure, the Ring of Gullion is cool. It’s 60 million years old and nice to look at, but it falls short when it comes to adventure. If you have been staring at the side of the Ring of Gullion, wishing it offered just a little more physical entertainment, going abroad to the land of volcano boarding could satiate your adrenaline addiction. Travel to Nicaragua for your chance to virtually fly down the side of an active volcano.

Begin your adventure with an hour-long trek up the side of Cerro Negro, the 728 meter tall volcano. The ride back down won’t take as long. You can count back the seconds on your way down as the descent lasts about three minutes. Sit or stand on the board, though sitting will get you to the bottom even faster.

These vacations should leave your senses satisfied—maybe even inspire a spell of homesickness in you. You might have to head home to water your plants, say hi to mum, resume a normal body temperature, or return your library books at some point. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody.