Australia’s Top Off Road Adventures

Australia is known as a rugged and thrilling country, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities for off road travel. Each year thousands of off road enthusiasts make their way to the remote regions of Australia in order to hit the dirt roads beyond the country’s highway system, taking in the sights and spending their nights under the stars. Many travellers move across the country in a motorhome hire with their off road vehicle in tow, hitting a pre-planned series of off road spots along the way. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime, so if you are into off roading then you will not want to miss out.

If you’re planning to take on an Australian off road adventure, keep these legendary stops in mind.

Canning Stock Route

If you’re looking for true Australian remote terrain, then look no farther than Canning Stock. This track runs along an old livestock trade route, taking in several different deserts along the way. These are Aboriginal native lands, featuring the vast, barren landscapes this region of the outback is famous for. With this route you can get away from it all and experience nature in an immersive fashion. The night skies are truly incredible and in many cases you won’t see another traveller for an entire day. Just note that this route is for experienced off roaders and should not be taken alone. Bring plenty of supplies and try to visit during the dry season, as certain roads can become impassable during the wet months.

Cape York Track

Taking in the tropical region along Australia’s Northern coast, Cape York takes in a great many river crossings that will really put your off roading skills to the test. With all of this water comes the added benefit of swimming holes. There are a great many places to take a dip along the way, which will certainly be refreshing as it gets quite hot in this area. Along the way you will also see a variety of spectacular waterfalls as well as scenic overlooks taking in the coast and surrounding forests. There are many beach spots too, so make sure to take in a leisurely beach day at some point in your journey. This is a route to take slow and afford yourself the opportunity to drink in the lush surroundings.

Gibb River Road

This route will give you a dose of the famous Australian outback up close and personal. These vast landscapes have to be seen to be believed, and the route takes in a wide number of fresh water gorges and amazing swimming holes. This is one of the most popular off road routes in the country, so you may run into other travellers from time-to-time. This can be avoided by pulling your motorhome hire up to the trail in April through October, when the wet season keeps many travellers away. Just make sure to check the travel conditions and weather to make sure you won’t run into any issues when journeying during these months.

Binns Track

This track features a very diverse terrain that will always keep you guessing along the way. One day you will be moving through a desert, the next a mountain pass, and the next a vast plain. This is tough off roading to be sure, with many rock overpasses, riverbed runs, sand slopes, and bulldust. You will certainly want a top rate vehicle for this journey as well as a very sturdy set of tyres, but it will be worth it once you behold these remote sites, cattle stations, and wild rivers of the Australian outback.

Victorian High Country

This is a unique trail that offers vast panoramas at many different lookout points along the way. This trail is mountainous and features winding passes and jaw dropping views every step of the way. There are a number of abandoned mountain mining villages that you can explore along the way, an activity which has long been a favourite of travellers in this region. You will pass by number of old gold towns that were once bustling centers but now occupied only by mountain goats. Keep in mind that this is very steep terrain, so for those afraid of heights you may want to stick to another trail. With its rocky passages, sweeping outlooks, and consistently high altitude, this trail is perfect for those seeking the ideal mountain off road experience.

When it comes to off roading, the Australian outback offers an incredible range of opportunities. From vast deserts to undeveloped coastland to jagged mountains, this country has just about any type of route you could be looking for. If you love off roading then it is highly recommended that you get yourself a motorhome hire and an off road vehicle and hit the trails.