TOP 7 SUPER SUV’s from America

If you are interested in cars to take the most difficult challenges on the road, American off-roaders are what you need. Jeeps of different brands from the American producers are the best transports ever in the most of world countries: impressive appearance, innovative technologies, modern interior and high price. Let’s learn some facts of history.

American Off-Roaders

The world famous factories that started produce off-roaders for citizenry, but not for soldiers, were Ford and Willis factories. It took little time to make American off-roaders popular for locals and all over the world. The best and biggest serious producers in the country were involved in producing off-road cars.

American Jeep is the biggest and the most respectable car for today, so, you can see a big variety of Jeep cars in the American cities. You can meet the USA Jeep car rental locations all over the America. The most popular American Jeeps are: Jeep, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Hummer. Which of them do you want to try the first?

Chevrolet Captiva 2011

Hummer H3

Hummers always were the true American military cars, especially such models as H1, H2 and H3 that are available to buy for all people who have enough money. Of course, off-road qualities of Hummer of the new model are not as good as military H1. The cars are good and impressive, attractive for dust, mud, hills and bumps, forests and other off-road qualities. You cannot feel the bumps, while you are driving the car, H3 or H1 – no matter. The best of the best model is a car with the gasoline engine for 3.7 liters and 242 power. Of course, this car needs much petrol, about 20 liters for every 100 miles.

Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga looks like the American crossover, but it has the good off-road qualities. The car looks similar with the American crossover with good off-road qualities and fast clearance. The car is high quality. The car interior is very attractive, ergonomic, pleasant color, good for drivers and passengers. Ford Kuga is a car of the front drive. It is completed with two different engines: diesel for 2 liters and gasoline motor for 2,5 liters.

Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet Captiva is a real off-roader. It is especial good for the city streets. This is not the best variant for the country roads, ups and downs. This kind of American Jeep is available to buy and wise in fuel burning. So, looking for the new off-roader, pay attention to Chevrolet model.


Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is the brightest representative of the American off-roaders family. There are Cherokee of different types: big and small, plain and impressive. The silhouette of Cherokee is very close to the silhouette of Dodge Nitro. Cherokee jeep is a kind of classic American off-roaders with the big clearance. It looks very strict and stylish. The car interior is also well-done: all details are placed rational and comfortable for driver and passengers.

Cadillac Escalade: Fashion Icon

One of the most popular off-roaders in America is Cadillac that is associated with a real style, chick, and innovative technologies. This amazing car is able to increase your self-concept. The car is expensive and special. Jeep surprises you with the new car of a new generation. The car features are the following:

Stylish renewed design makes the car attractive and modern;

There is a classic model and number of ESV versions with the long wheelbase;

Seven-seater car is amazing to ask for the positive emotions only;

The car motor is powerful, too much powerful, may be;

Jeep configuration has everything that you may need on the go.

The off-roader surprises with its technic and appearance. It was created exact for travelling. Do you want to know why? The car mounting is soft and reliable in work. American off-roader got lots of unique features inside and outside of the cabin. You can also find renewed version of the care in Cadillac design.

Cadillac Escalade on 5D Brushed Silver

Chevrolet Tahoe: Huge and Comfortable SUV for Big Family

The huge and productive Jeep from Chevrolet is very impressive with its comfort. Of course, the cars of the past generation were not very creative. Today, this American off-roader is amazing. It was designed according to the newest corporative features and methods. What are the most incredible car features that make you to buy it? Actually, they are:

Very big cabin – you feel like in a house, but not in the car salon;

The true American off-roader has got the big engine;

The car mountain is soft and slight to take the car into the elite class classification;

Jeep has got all necessary equipment to feel comfortable on the go;

The newest technologies make American car especially attractive for different kinds of roads.

It is important to say that Jeep got its new design for the new generation. It was time, when people thought of Tahoe as a c kind of car, made of pickup, but not the off-roader. Today, the things go different way. The car has got lots of amazing renovations that make Jeep of this brand especial attractive for people. Thus, the price for this car in the USA is about 47 000 $.

Chevy Tahoe Michigan State Police car

Ford Expedition: New Classic Giant

The unique development of Ford Company was carefully presented in 2014. This is also the car for the new generation. The car has the classic appearance with no big innovations and practical meaning. The cabin is made of the rare sort of metal that resists deformations and other damages. The main features of the car are:

It looks like the standard SUV, but this is the implementation of the American dream by its sense;

The car of the popular brand is equipped with the best engines;

The huge salon is interesting planned with the variety of modern innovations;

The car components are good in quality and rich in style.

Ford is a good off-roader that is able to change the meaning of the big cars in the modern world. American Jeeps are easy to exploit and comfortable to use not only for travelling but everyday life. The price for car is about 45 000 $.