WordPress Hosting 101

With more than 60 million WordPress users around the world and countless hosting options to choose from, buying the right hosting for your WordPress website can be quite intimidating.

Here’s all you need to know to choose the best WordPress hosting plan:

  • (First) Why using WordPress Hosting is essential if you have a WordPress website
  • Features to look for in a WordPress Hosting plan

Why it’s essential to choose WordPress Hosting if you have a WordPress Website:

WordPress hosting servers are specially designed and optimized to provide the best resources for a WordPress website. While you technically can host your WordPress website on a regular Shared Hosting plan, it will not give you performance as good as a WordPress hosting plan.

Features to look for in a WordPress Hosting plan:

1. 1-click install:

It is rare to find a hosting provider that does not offer 1-click installs or pre-installed WordPress with their plans.

2. Automatic WordPress updates:

WordPress releases feature and security updates on a regular basis and staying on top of these updates is critical for your site’s performance and security. This hosting plan will ensure that you do not need to worry about having to manually track and install any WordPress updates as these will be automatically installed for you.

3. Scalability:

You should really look for a wordpress hosting option that gives you the flexibility to scale resources such as CPU and RAM to cater to the growing traffic on your website.

4. Website Backup services:

Website backups are a necessity today and are another way to ensure you never face any sustained downtime or data loss.

5. Managed services:

Many businesses choose Managed WordPress hosting as it involves your hosting company really taking over the management of your website 24X7 leaving you to focus on  your business, instead of the technicalities of hosting management.

6. Security:

You might think that looking for a hosting option that would keep your website secure is a no-brainer, but WordPress being one of the most popular CMSs in the world also attracts the most attention from hackers and other online threats. WordPress regularly releases updates to its version to either fix or fight security loopholes it detects. Check out their blog for more information on the kinds of threats combated this year alone.

While there are several WordPress hosting plans available in the market, ResellerClub has one of the best WordPress hosting plans available as – in addition to managed services – their plans promise to be the best option to fight any kind of threat your website faces coming pre-integrated with SiteLock anti-malware Protection and CodeGuard Website Backups.

How SiteLock keeps your WordPress website safe-

SiteLock is a powerful, cloud-based service for websites that fights malware threats and fixes vulnerabilities.

With SiteLock you can prevent:

  • Hackers gaining access to your database and stealing your customers’ information like email addresses, passwords, credit card data,etc
  • Site defacement by hackers
  • Being blacklisted by search engines

What’s more is that, you can add the SiteLock badge or Trust Seal to your website to assure your visitors that your site is perfectly secure.

How CodeGaurd keeps your WordPress website safe-

CodeGuard is a cloud-based website backup and monitoring service. CodeGuard will helps by:

  • Automatically backing up all of your data
  • Informing you of any changes in your site’s content in each backed up version
  • Alerting you of any changes in the site’s content
  • Providing restore options to avoid any downtime to your website

WordPress is a fabulous publishing platform – it’s fanbase around the world is testament to that. We hope our blog has helped you make a more measured decision to help get the best WordPress hosting to ensure its success.