Make Easy Egg Recipes At Home

Egg is a very versatile thing as one can prepare a lot of dishes with this. Egg also has a lot of protein in it and so one can easily include them in their healthy diet regime. It is said, if one can do a heavy breakfast and include eggs in them, then they can stay away easily from mid meal hunger pangs and that is why they consume a lot lesser calories in their lunch meal. The more protein one consumes, the more satisfied the appetite is.

According to many nutritionists and dieticians, eggs are a brilliant source of high class protein. But yes, if one is on a fat free diet, then they have to avoid the egg yolk and depend only on the egg whites. It is also suggested by the dieticians that if the weather is very hot and humid, one should consume egg either at early morning breakfasts or during dinner time.

There are endless recipes that one can do with eggs. The egg butter masala recipe and other popular egg recipes are all available in a cook book. If you have a habit of eating eggs on breakfast or at any point of the day, then do not just stick to regular hard boiled eggs and omelettes. Do not let monotony kick in your food. Try some different recipes.

Human bodies need a certain portion of protein in their bodies and so it is a good idea to consume eggs on a regular basis. As per the dieticians, the eggetarians have to have eggs at least once a day and the non-vegetarianscan have it four times a week. That is sufficient enough for them. Eggs can keep one full for a longer time. Here, one can try out the following recipes to bring a variety in their regular egg dishes.

Egg Masala

This is a very simple recipe. Here, boiled eggs are cooked with homemade Indian spices and the taste is pretty tempting.

Egg Chaat

If you are inclined towards salads then why not go for egg salads as well? It is a desi mix of tamarind, ketchup, boiled eggs (sliced into two halves), roasted cumin and a dash of lemon. This has a tangy and delicious taste and is a perfect dish for breakfast.

Egg and Garlic Fried Rice

This one can easily have for lunch or dinner. This combination of dish is quite filling and one can easily make it at home.

Egg Biryani

For those who are simple eggetarians this is the only option they have during biriyani cravings. No matter what, eggs bring a lovely twist to a regular chicken or mutton biriyani dish.

Tomato Egg Curry

This is a very light dish to have with plain rice or chapatti. This one has mild spices and a tang of tomatoes. A good recipe for those who are on diet!

 Egg Bhurji Mumbai Style

It is an Indian style of scrambled eggs. A dash of chillies (both red and green) and butter is missed with these fried scrambled pieces of eggs.

How to make egg butter masala can be found out from online cooking sites.