Exploring The Shopping Scenario Of Ernakulam

Exploring The Shopping Scenario Of Ernakulam

The portion of Ernakulam is the brighter part of the port city of Kochi. It’s the starting point of the main land area of the city and carries a quintessential charm of Kerala. Being a modern city, Ernakulam is a great hub for commercial activities in the city and shopping, is one of the major crowd puller in the area. Let’s take a look at shopping scenario of Ernakulam.

Exploring The Shopping Scenario Of Ernakulam

While the primary shopping regions of the city are the popular Marine Drive, Broadway Street and the M.G. Road, there are a number of old-time shopping sectors which are dotted all over the picturesque surroundings of Ernakulam. If you’re an ardent shopaholic, ask your travel operator for the best Kerala tourism packages price and visit the city.

The best thing about shopping in Ernakulam is that there are dedicated areas in the market for finding specific items. While items like silk and other delicate textiles can be looked at and purchased at MG Road, items made up of cotton like kurtas, churidars can be found in several of the shops located at Tower Road. Even there are several garment stores located in front of the Kochi police station.

For the serious book lover there are several bookstores located on Jew Town along with Napier Street. Besides, there are several bookstores that may be seen in and around Fort Cochin. The variety of subjects covered in these books is also fairly vast, thus offering you much time to delve into your own world. You can find books on cooking and other skills among a sizable variety of nonfiction and fiction topics. Several bookshops can also be found in the main market areas of Ernakulam.

Nonetheless, another very significant feature of the main marketplace of Ernakulam is the exciting spice street where you can find several outlets of wholesale and retail busy dealing with exotic spices. The majority of these spices can only be found in the precincts of Kerala. These markets are a virtual harbor of fine flavors and aromas evaporating from quite a few well known and little known spice.

For those people who are oriented towards craft work there is a whole area of marketplaces round the house of Vasco da Gama (also known as the Prayer House) around which you can find some good collectible to be picked. There’s another place called the Pardesi Synagogue around which some amazing artifacts could be found. If you’re good at bargaining, then you can easily see yourself taking a bagful of these home. There’s a really huge assortment of tradition and traditional pieces in the form of wall brackets, windows, room screens etc.

You can come also across several shops selling modern and vintage pieces of art. Decorated doors, carved pillars, muraled ceilings and even an entire decorated snake boat can be found in these shops. Few items like temple offerings produced from costly wood and metals ly display in these shops. For a cultural buff, there’s a huge variety of artifacts that can be shopped for and bought in this fascinating market near the home of Vasco da Gama.