Rajasthan – A Destination You Must See

Rajasthan – A Destination You Must See

Rajasthan is situated in the north-western part of India and spreads over the golden sand of Great Indian Desert. A land of great warriors, palaces, princess and battles has a remarkable history that charms every visitor who visits this place. That is the reason, thousands of tourist visit Rajasthan from all across the globe.

Rajasthan – A Destination You Must See

As the name implies, Rajasthan means the land of kings, where “Raja” means “the king” and ‘sthan’ means “land”. This place has a rich history, splendid architecture, wonderful scenic beauty and the unforgettable windswept sand dunes. If you are planning a vacation in Rajasthan, you should be ready to experience the grandeur of history. There are many attractions in this state that would mesmerise your eyes.

Famous Attractions

Apart from palaces and desert, there are other things to explore in Rajasthan as well. This place is famous for its natural wildlife as well, like Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Ranthambor National Park, where you can enjoy the view of wild animals in a safari. People are said to be lucky if they are able to see a tiger during their excursions. You can visit the very famous Sambhar Salt Take, situated on National highway 8 and India’s largest saline lake. This lake is also the main source of salt production in Rajasthan. Another famous attraction to visit is Mt. Abu. It is a popular hill station in Aravalli Range of Rajasthan. This place is popularly known as an oasis in the desert.

Apart from tourist places, Rajasthan is also very rich in art and culture which has been maintained and passed on to generations for years. Many people who visit the state of Rajasthan are curious to learn the culture and art of this state. Once you visit the palaces, you can witness the legends of Rajasthan, the Rajputs, who were great warriors. Their life tells us about their loyalty, respect and love for the country.

For religious people as well, this place has so much to offer. The temples of Rajasthan are a living evidence of the creative talent of the people of this state. Some of the known ones are Ajmer Sharif in Ajmer, Birla Mandir – Jaipur, Jain temples of Bikaner, Karni Mata – Bikaner, Dilwara temples, etc.

Luxury at its Best

Rajasthan is a place where you can find hotel as cheap as Rs 300 a day to Rs 10,000 a day. Rajasthan is well equipped with hotels that provide the best of its facilities and services to its customer. Enjoy the authentic Rajasthani cuisine and participate in the vibrant folk dances with the local people.

Getting there

Going to Rajasthan is very simple. You can book a flight ticket or a train ticket or a bus ticket to visit this marvellous state. If you are not time bounded and choose to see the scenic beauty during your journey, try booking a train ticket and enjoy the beauties of this place. During your journey, in order to taste the local dishes of the place, go for train food delivery, it will make your journey more memorable.