Canada Road Trip: TOP 6 Travel Tips For Car Lovers

Renting car in Canada is very attractive proposal to start travelling. Of course, you may use public transport to travel from one big city to another. If you want to reach something special, you have to do this by means of driving. The car is the best friend in Canada. How can you travel through the wild Quebec or British Columbia without car? Canada is the country of driving: the roads are kept in a good condition. Of course, the road traffic in the big cities of Toronto, Vancouver is heavy.

Travelling over the country by car is very responsible task. Canada Jeep Car rental services are ready to give you competent car support to hire the good car, powerful and strong to transport you from the city to city in safe. You can hire the car online. Rental car services are ready to help you from all over the world. It is very comfortable when you have a chance to choose the car online, considering your road trip characteristics.

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Car Delivery

Many people come to Canada from the USA. The longest country border in the world contains 13 crossing points. It starts from the Detroit. The most of the roads that take you to Canada are connected with the Trans-Canada Highway that is the longest in the country – it goes for 5000 kilometers from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s in Newfoundland. The customs control asks tourists to name their citizenship, country they live and term, they are planning to stay in Canada. You have to bring your passport and visa. The price for fuel in the USA is cheaper than in Canada. It is better to refill your car in the USA.

Car Insurance

It does not matter, whether you are going to hire the car or drive your own vehicle, you have to confirm the fact that your car is insured. Insurance is obligatory condition to drive car in Canada. If you drive your own car, it is better to find out beforehand whether your car insurance is good for Canada. The minimum price for insurance is 200 000 Canadian dollars.

The most of the rental services offer to get additional insurance on emergency and individual insurance on accident involving. It is better to buy both of them. If you are not the owner of your car, you must have the written warranty from the car owner. If you hired your car, you must have all necessary documents hear at hand. Remember that summer is the hottest season for tourism. Try to get a good car beforehand.

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Rental Car Services

You can hire a car from the every point in Canada. The most of big rental services have their offices in the city airports and all over the country. If you book a car beforehand, you can catch the sale. The pricing policy depends on the season, car type and rental terms. The minimum age when you can hire a car is 25 or 21. You need your credit card to pay the guarantee. If you travel with kids under 18 kilograms, you should put them into the special chairs. The choice of cars for rent is very wide. The most of them are equipped with air conditioners and radio. Pay attention that the most of cars in Canada are organized with the automatic transmission.

Fuel and Refuelling Stations

The fuel prices in Canada are higher than in the USA. Rental car services offers to refuel your car from the very beginning. If you need to repair your car on the road, you may do this mostly in the big cities. The most of the fuel stations work the day and night. The country regions close their services at 6 p.m. There are not many of them, especially in the Northern regions. You may easily use your credit card to pay.

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Traffic Regulation

The highways in Canada are kept in good order. The most of them are two-lined, good any weather. All of them are numbered and equipped with the road signs. The most of the road signs are done in English. You can also meet bilingual signs. Quebec meets you with the French language on the road. One way or another, you have to use a good map that you can easily buy in the road club. This is also a good chance to get a consultation about what is what in the provinces of Canada.

There is right driving in Canada. The speed limitations start from 20-40 kilometers per hour in the city and 80-100 kilometers per hour in the province regions. There are rules that need to switch on the car lights in the evening time. The driver and passenger must use safety harness. To drive a car in the Northern part of the country, you must be well-prepared. The roads are dangerous because of ice and snow.

Safety Driving

The winter is severe in Canada. The winter is dangerous with snow and ice on the road. If you are going to travel in winter, you have to think of warm clothes, blankets, food and full tank. The car accumulator is also in danger in winter. The wheels of your car need special care in form of the snow tyres. You can ask for car with all needed winter equipment beforehand. Travelling in summer, there is a danger to meet wild animals on the road, like bears or deer. The summer and spring are the seasons when animals go out of the road for different reasons. Pay attention to this fact, please.

A real "Monarch of the Glen"

If you are going to travel by car, you may stay at camping. You can find camping everywhere on the go. Nevertheless, the road camping in Ontario is the most popular for the nature lovers. The camping in Ontario differs with the wild nature, great landscapes and unique atmosphere. Travelling through the Canadian territory cannot leave you cold. Your trip must be well-planned and your car must be well-equipped. Just relax and keep the instructions.