Budget-Friendly Ways To Truly Enjoy Down Under

Going to Australia as a tourist requires a lot of preparation in advance. Unless you are from New Zealand, the trip will last long and cost pretty much. When they finally arrive in Australia, tourists are usually offered traditional routes: Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock and the Reef. While those destinations are truly beautiful, Australia offers so many wonderful areas to be seen and enjoyed. What matters even more, you can save a lot of money if you stick to some unorthodox destinations.

Sydney from a Garden at Dusk

Recommending the Sydney Harbor Bridge or the Opera House has become lame. Every sane tourist knows about those two landmarks. However, Royal Botanic Garden is a different story. Although it can often be seen in Sydney itineraries, this wonderful patch of nature in the middle of the city rush is so much more than a mere landmark. The entrance is free of charge and here you can make a break from those hyped and expensive Sydney attractions. What is more, at dusk you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Opera House and a wide palette of colors from the dying Sun above the Sydney Harbor.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Truly Enjoy Down Under

Great Barrier Reef without Rush

Being in Sydney or Melbourne and not visiting the Great Barrier Reef would be a true miss. It is not that far away for Australian terms and it is not expensive to go snorkeling near the Reef. However, you should still be wiser than other tourists and not go along the usual route. Either way, you will have to fly to Cairns, but instead of choosing this town as your take-off spot for the Reef, you can use the Captain Cook Highway and go to the north of the Queensland to experience the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation or any smaller town in this area. It will save you from hectic tourists groups and show you the untouched beauty of the Reef.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Truly Enjoy Down Under

Go to Chillagoe

If you want to see Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, going to Ayers Rock is completely out of your way. Although it is true that Uluru (its original name) is a breath-taking natural beauty, it would be too demanding and time-consuming to go almost another 2000 miles to see this rock. Luckily, there is an outback alternative. If you have already planned going to see the Reef, you should include the town of Chillagoe to your travel plan. It takes about three hours to get there from Cairns. Chillagoe offers you a unique insight into the Australian land, with kangaroos, snakes, koalas and all other animals that you would like to see in the outback. Also, there is Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park, where you can go round fantastic caves with most unusual shapes formed by limestone.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Truly Enjoy Down Under

Southwards on a Budget

An alternative tourist route for Down Under must include South Australia, too. The center of this state is Adelaide. Although not as much praised among tourists as Sydney and Melbourne, this town is a great example of a true Australian lifestyle. Less invaded by tourists, it offers calm atmosphere and a plentitude of artistic places. When in Adelaide, you have to visit North Terrace and the Adelaide Festival Center, which are two most important artistic facilities in this town. If you have spent a whole day sightseeing and the night has already fallen, you can go to one of the bottle shops that are open late and taste some of the Australian drinks as a warm-up before you start an Adelaide bar quest.

Staying away from exploited attractions or at least visiting them in an alternative way will give you an opportunity to see the true Australia and why this country still among the most visited places in the world.