Baga Beach: Where One Can Enjoy The Beach Time

Baga Beach Where One Can Enjoy The Beach Time

When it comes to the Goa, there is no dearth of beaches. In fact, the state is known for numerous beaches that can make one enjoy the time to the fullest extent. Some of the beaches are much known here due to the sand, location, and activities on the coast as well as safety and security of the people.

Baga beach is a seaside town near Barde, Goa, India. The beach comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute and is primarily known for the Baga creek and the beach. The Baga beach features in northern Goa and is a part of a longer stretch of beaches that start from Sinquerim follows to Candolim, leading to Calangute and finally ends at Baga.

Baga Beach is often taken as an extension of the Calangute Beach itself as both of these beaches lie on the same stretch of sand. Lined with an array of tattoo parlors, tarot shops, palmistry shops, spas, sun decks and some amazing food and drinks shack, Baga Beach gives a chance to live out a perfect beach holiday. In addition to the option of having a laid back holiday here, one can also indulge in activities ranging from intense water sports to some quaint shopping, wild night outs to serene mornings that begin with a session of yoga. For tourists looking for a quiet getaway from the city to adventure seekers, Baga Beach has something for every breed of traveler.

 Baga Beach Where One Can Enjoy The Beach Time

This beach is the heaven for water sports enthusiasts. The sheer variety of water sport offered by this beach is mesmerizing, and one will be spoilt for choice. They vary from the very basic ones to the really risky and challenging ones. There are Bumper boats, Banana boats, water skiing, water scooter, dolphin cruises, parasailing. One can also come across the Barracuda diving close to the lagoon near Baga River which is the perfect way one can acquaint with the world that lies under the surface of the water body. Other water sports include single or double kayaking, paddle boarding, knee boarding, speed boat rides, surfboard lessons and wakeboards.

One can indulge in a simple morning walk along the stretch of the Baga beach or have workout sessions at a various institution that lines this beach, where one can indulge in intense workout or yoga and meditations sessions. There are also spa parlors available that give the mind and body a rather rejuvenating experience considering the location, away from the urban life amidst a concrete jungle. To enjoy the beach at its best one needs to visit it from November to February. It is due to moderate temperature here on these days which is usually around 31°-32°C.

Baga beach has one of the most pristine views when compared to most of the beaches in Goa. The gentle palms swaying in the blue sky makes for a besotting view for the seeker of peace. One can also visit the Casa de Retiros that is dedicated St. Francis Xavier from where the tourist can also have a beautiful view of the creek and the beach. There is also Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary nearby for the benefit of the ornithologist in the tourist.