Happiness That Mutton Brings

How often has it happened with you that you couldn’t resist sharing your experience of good food with our near and dear ones? A kind of experience that has left us hungry, wanting for more, made us happy, made us smile. The reason we say only food provides happiness to the soul -the most favourite subject that has been initiating endless conversations since the beginning of time. Be it your best friend’s birthday, your parent’s anniversary or a reunion of parents, it’s never complete without some delicious food. Conversations are more exciting with a mouthful of your favourite dish. Food has been uniting people for ages. For instance, everybody is super busy in the morning and hardly gets time to be with family, but they make it a point sit together at the dinner table and share their day over a plateful of sumptuous food.

Happiness That Mutton Brings

We all have some favourites when it comes to food. One might like Italian more than Chinese; the other might want to gorge on some tandoor for dinner. How would it be if you could mix and match food just like we do with clothes. Sounds exciting! Isn’t it? How many of you out there are head over heels over mutton? Am sure quite a hefty number it would be. Amidst all the dieting, diabetes, cholesterol mutton remains to be everyone’s close to the heart food. How often has it happened that you requested your mother to cook her signature mutton curry on a Sunday? Each one of us has done it at some point on our life. Don’t we all have that mutton craving once in a while? I know we do.

What is Mutton Curry? How to have it?

Now for those who don’t know what Mutton Curry exactly is; it is non-vegetarian curry where mutton is cut into pieces and is cooked with other spices to bring out the flavour of the meat at its most. It is rich in colour a taste. Mutton is slowly cooked with flavourful and aromatic spices, giving your taste buds and your nostrils a joyous ride. Once it is fully cooked it fills your heart and house with its delectable taste and aroma. It’s a sheer delight to the soul. So what are you all waiting for? Go to your nearest meat shop and buy some mutton. Don’t you want to satisfy your tummy with some well-cooked, spicy, delicious mutton for dinner? Mutton is a very flexible dish; it can be had with rice, pulao, roti, paratha, etc. Mutton can light up any person’s mood and brings instant happiness. On any occasion, you can keep a mutton dish with an Indian bread or Indian rice and it will serve perfect for the occasion making you the good host to your guests.

Hey! Isn’t your mouth watering already? It is, I know. Call some friends over or organise a special dinner with family because remember mutton tastes best when shared with everyone. So what’s for supper? The answer has to be mutton.